You need to improve in Apple Watch: 6 wishes after a year of smart watches

More than a year since the release of the Apple Watch. Taking pre-orders for the new product was opened on 10 April 2015, and the actual clock output took place in two weeks — 24-th day of the named month. During this time, according to analyst estimates, Apple sold about 12 million of the Apple Watch.

How popular will the second generation Apple Watch, we have yet to see. Apple may be able to expand the sales of the gadget, if they improve a number of aspects in the work hours. Blogger Alexander Patsy who have used the device in the course of the year, has compiled a wish list to the device the second generation.

Always active screen

The screen is constantly active, not lifeless rectangle, switched on the movement. Yes, I understand, saving battery and all that, but the black rectangle clock is just ugly. Maybe it is my inertia of thinking after the usual hours of talking, but it seems to me that it would be much nicer. Or at least make such an option in settings as in Android Wear, let it be user choice.

The correct definition of pulse

On the one hand, it seems to me that I began to move more due to the hour, and on the other hand, when the result of these movements incorrectly measured the heart rate (and, apparently, considered calories), it’s frustrating. If watches become an indispensable accessory in sports, it would be better if they, during these sessions, the heart rate would be measured correctly.

Automatic determination of the activity

Actually it is a “smart” watch if they don’t know what the user? Why should I go to the app and somewhere there is something to note below clock started properly considered expendable energy? I want the clock to be able to determine for themselves, if I walk, run, bike or sleep. And here’s another: if I drive a car, I want the clock to not wanting me to get up and stretch every hour — and you can determine that I am in the car and don’t need these reminders annoying.

The speed of the applications

Applications on the Apple Watch is impossible to use because they are slow. You can get Jonathan Ive from the white room to tell us about how steep the control wheel in the clock, but if, instead, users see a loading wheel on the screen, the digital crown will not help.

More capacious battery

Of course, while battery life is a value that depends on previous factors: slow apps mean no high CPU load and more time battery life. Tim cook may be as much as to say that if a day enough, then fine, but if Apple wants to turn the clock into a more universal gadget, without “lengthening” of this indicator can not do. It would be great to get a chance to work on a single charge at least 3 days, then it would be possible not to remove the watch at night to monitor sleep and to charge the watch during the day. However, instead of this, I feel, we will receive “more fine watches” and well, if operating time from the battery is reduced.

Measurement of blood pressure

Old age, as we know, is not a joy, and suddenly it turns out that health is not the same, and to follow him it is necessary more carefully. Before the release of the Apple Watch flashed the rumors that Apple was forced to remove several functions related to monitoring health, as they are unable to obtain certification by the American “Ministry of health” (FDA), so I’m sure that in this direction the clock is accurate will develop. Given all sorts of announcements like Apple HealthKit, CareKit and numerous partnerships in the field of health, we can expect the addition of these features pretty soon. Measurement of blood sugar, pressure or level of ultraviolet light around — it all appears necessary.

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