YouTube will appear in Incognito mode

Soon users will be able to stop worrying about what someone will see their story on YouTube. As reported by Cult of Mac, Google is testing Incognito mode.

This feature is already present in all browsers and have long been familiar to many people. Very often fans YouTube looking for in this service absolutely outstanding video, better than anyone not to know. Although, of course, that could all be completely innocent: for example, in YouTube a bunch of gift ideas for a birthday.

Incognito mode recently noticed in the YouTube app on Android. Presumably, he will add the ability to disable the recording and preservation of history – this is it. When enabled, POPs up the following message:

“The activity this session will be cleared and you will return to the last used account when I get out of Incognito or become inactive. All activities may be visible to your employer, school or Internet provider”.

According to this warning, the new regime does not mask the network. The only thing he is able to turn it off on the device itself. This, of course, useful if the whole family or a company of one tablet or laptop.

At the moment it’s unclear when Google intends to make the Incognito mode is available to all users free app YouTube.

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