Zuckerberg wants to ruin Instagram

One of the main reasons because of which users hate Facebook, is strange and not always logical algorithm of construction of belt in which publications are organized not in chronological order, and on the basis that, according to Mark Zuckerberg, should interest you in the first place. It seems the young billionaire that was not enough, and in the near future, a similar innovation will appear in the social network acquired Instagram.

Popular among mobile photographers service in its official blog said that soon plans to abandon the chronological algorithm, which is considered to be obsolete:

“You might be surprised, but on average, people miss 70% of the publications from their belts. The growth of Instagram is becoming harder to monitor photos and videos shared by people. This means that often you just don’t see the publications that are most interesting. To improve the experience of using the service, soon we will make sure that your tape will be ordered in such a way as to show things that you most interesting.”

To decide which photos and videos to show you first of all, the social network will be based on your likes, your relationship with the author and time of post. Apparently, this will be used and your data from Facebook, if you are registered in the network.

Let’s hope that the innovation will actually improve the process of our interaction with the boundless ocean of photos of food, selfies and Pets, however if you look at the disaster that occurs in our Facebook feeds, the hope is very weak.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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