Apple continues to advertise low prices on iPhone iPhone XS and XR

On the Apple website has a new page where you can see the discount on the iPhone iPhone XS and XR when selling an old smartphone. Apple still says that the promotion will end soon, but invests more effort in their ads.

When users click on the main page, click Buy now under the banners with the iPhone, they are moving to a new page, comparing prices, and not on the old Configurator. When choosing your discount is automatically calculated, which can count the customers. For the Apple iPhone 5 offers 25 dollars, and for iPhone X ā€” $ 500.

Apple began to actively advertise their program trade-in when you added the banners to the main page. In addition, the company advertises the trade-in in the App Store, Apple Store and Twitter. All this is part of a larger plan to increase sales of the new iPhone.

Many analysts and major publications have reported poor sales of the new iPhone, in particular, especially the much criticized iPhone XR. This is partly led to the fall of Apple shares. The peak they reached on 3 October. Since then they have fallen by 27%.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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