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Apple as ever is interested in staff with experience in the field of health

Apple is interested in hiring employees who have experience in the field of healthcare. This is reported by experts Thinkum.

According to experts Thinkum, the interest of Apple to hire employees willing to work in the field of health, as of 2017 increased by 400 percent. If in October 2017, Apple had 15 open positions associated with the sphere of health, in January 2019, the number was 75. As noted by the company itself, investments in the healthcare system benefit all of humanity. …


Tim cook called for greater security of personal data of users making purchases in online stores

Tim cook expressed his concerns about security of users ‘ personal data. As the head of Apple in an interview in Time Magazine under threat are largely those users who often make purchases in online stores.

Tim cook spoke with Time Magazine journalists. The main theme of the interviews was the safety of personal user data. Apple CEO once again expressed interest in this problem, and also urged IT companies to make efforts to protect personal information.

In cook’s opinion, in recent …


J. P. Morgan analyzed the drop in sales of smartphones and made a forecast for 2019. The forecast is not comforting

According to the analytical Agency J. P. Morgan, in 2019, sales of all smartphones are greatly reduced, and most of all it will affect Apple and Samsung.

“We expect the number of sold iPhone will decline in 2019 due to weak demand in China and the fact that many people are less likely to update their gadgets” — said in a research report, J. P. Morgan.

Smartphone shipments in China for the December quarter declined 20% compared to the same period last year, and the industry is …


Apple reduces the number of vacancies due to weak sales of the new iPhone

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple plans to reduce the number of vacancies in some units due to weak sales of the new iPhone.

Reportedly, Tim cook made a statement at the meeting Apple held earlier this month. Details about which departments will be cut jobs, no. However, at the meeting he noted that areas such as artificial intelligence will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Publisher Bloomberg also added in the report that Apple plans to continue expanding its services, …


Security Directors of companies from Silicon valley less expensive bodyguards of the Russian oligarchs

Apple reported that the company spent 310 000 USD to security of the person Tim cook in 2018. The editors of Wired decided to compare the costs of manufacturer iPhone security with other companies in Silicon valley.

According to the SEC (securities and exchange Commission), Amazon, and Oracle spent $ 1.6 million on personal security for Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison respectively. Alphabet holding company, which is owned by Google, has spent more than $ 600,000 on security for Sundar …


Apple Watch Series 4 continue to save the lives of people with heart problems

Tim cook tweeted the story of another Apple Watch user, whose life was saved thanks to the smart clock.

Since the release of function of ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 it took not much time, but she had not saved one life, discovering a heart problem owners hours.

Recently, the U.S. citizen Elissa Lombardo said that the Apple Watch Series 4 warned her husband about atrial fibrillation, prompting him to seek medical help.

According to Lombardo, her husband used a smart watch, …


A court in Germany rejected a lawsuit Qualcomm to Apple

The regional court Mannheim rejected the suit Qualcomm to Apple, associated with the patent infringement. This writes the news Agency Reuters.

News Agency Reuters reported the decision of the German court to refuse a new claim Qualcomm to Apple. This is the second attempt by Qualcomm to seek justice against the illegal use of patents by Apple company in Germany. According to the chipmaker, the satisfaction of the previous action has not brought the expected positive results and barely …


Alibaba: Apple not to blame for the drop in income, just China has slowed

When Tim cook published an open letter to investors, which announced a slowdown in revenue for the 1st quarter of 2019, the technical and the financial sector was furious. It was the end of Apple and the world as we know it. Apple will inevitably closer to the collapse, was the peak, will soon leave us forever.

But surprise, surprise — in the footsteps of the Cupertino company went Samsung, announcing the first two years the fall in revenue by 29%. While the Nikkei, one of the most …


Journalist John Gruber made an assumption about weak iPhone sales in 2018

After a review of the Apple predictions on income for the first quarter of 2019, it was announced that Tim cook will hold a meeting to discuss the results with employees. Most of the details of this meeting are unknown, but John Gruber of Daring Fireball has an interesting news.

During the General Assembly of the Apple, which was held on 3 January, Tim cook said that the company had replaced the 11 million batteries during the period of validity of the special replacement program for …


AirPods and 4 gadget Apple, which have the most reasonable prices

Paul Gorodnitsky calls not to whine, but to enable rationality.

High prices — the main reason to hate Apple. You can go out to interview 100 people with Android devices to and 90 will say something in the spirit of “Yes, Tim cook is out of line! To pay for you’re going! I’m not a fool — you pay for your candy, the sectarians”.

In short, the pricing policy of the company from Cupertino is really annoying and discourages those who used to pick things up, focusing solely on the …