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AliExpress: 10 gadgets for a healthy lifestyle

In mid-July, the Russian application FaceApp was the most downloaded in 154 countries, that is, almost in all, where the App Store works. Success has provided an “aging” filter that allows you to see yourself in 30-40 years from now.

Few liked what they saw. If you want to keep well, watch your health. The blessing for this is the mass of available gadgets. They can be bought, for example, on AliExpress.

Smart scales

An indispensable gadget for those who watch their weight – Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. Smart scales connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. show not only weight, but also the percentage of bone, fat and muscle mass, as well as the water content in the body.

Buy for 1725 rubles

ECG Tracker

Convenient heart monitor, which is attached to the chest with a special belt. The …


Sony invents a flexible smartphone with a transparent display

Sony has patented a foldable smartphone with two transparent displays.

According to the documents published by the Letsgodigital edition, one of the features of the unusual device will be that its screens will adapt to the user's style of holding the gadget. The unused part of the screen will be closed with a splash screen or in solid color.

On the basis of patent illustrations, Letsgodigital portal has developed sketches of the appearance of the smartphone.

How far Sony has advanced in the work on this device is unknown.


Sony has released a camera with a resolution of 61 (!) MP

Sony introduced the new A7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera with a 61-megapixel Exmor R sensor.

New device – the successor of the famous Sony A7R III.

In addition to the 61-megapixel sensor, the A7R IV camera has a 15-step dynamic range, an ISO sensitivity of up to 32,000, a continuous shooting function of up to 10 frames per second with autofocus and auto-exposure, and 567 autofocus points (they cover about 74% of the frame).

Like most of the Sony mirrorless cameras, the A7R IV is aimed at photographers and videographers.

New shoots video in 4K-resolution with support for S-Log3, HDR (HLG) and with autofocus on the eyes in real time (Realtime Eye-AF).

Sony also added a “multi-interface shoe” for connecting fully digital microphones (most cameras now record analog audio through a 3.5 mm jack).

The A7R IV has a USB …


Study: social networks cause depression in adolescents, but video games do not

Employees of the University of Montreal summed up the four-year study, which was attended by 3,826 teens. They wanted to know if the gadget craze was contributing to the symptoms of depression. It turned out that social networking and watching TV can really have an impact, but video games are not.

The study showed that every hour of using social networks increases the severity of depressive symptoms over the next four years by 0.64 points, and watching TV – by 0.69 points (on a scale from 0 to 28). Video games have no such effect on the psyche.

The average age of the subjects was 12.7 years. The presence of symptoms, the researchers checked on a special questionnaire. Additionally, the level of physical activity of the subjects was assessed.

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Found a hole in Bluetooth, which allows you to hack the device with the operating system Apple and Microsoft

Researchers at Boston University have discovered a serious vulnerability in the Bluetooth communication protocol in Apple and Microsoft gadgets that allows attackers to track and identify devices. Vulnerabilities are subject to Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, as well as Microsoft tablets and laptops. Devices running Android are not affected.

Gadgets use public Bluetooth advertising channels to announce their presence to other devices. For security, most of them broadcast a random address that changes periodically. The researchers found that this information is enough to extract identifying tokens that allow you to track the device even after changing a random address.

The algorithm does not require decrypting messages or violating the security of the Bluetooth protocol, since it is completely based on public unencrypted advertising traffic.

Devices running iOS or macOS have two identifying tokens that change at different intervals. On …


Apple Glasses will not be – DigiTimes

Apple has stopped the development of augmented reality glasses, reports the publication DigiTimes.

Previously, TFI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and behind him the largest publications like Bloomberg and CNET claimed that the gadget would be ready in 2021. Even the approximate price was called: $ 1,300.

DigiTimes does not write what caused Apple’s decision and how it became known about it.

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AliExpress: 10 accessories required for every MacBook owner

Apple still produces some of the best laptops in the world. The main complaint about them is the unfortunate design of the keyboard: the butterfly mechanism often fails. But soon, according to rumors, this will be fixed. As for the rest, you can only find fault with a not very low price, a small number of ports (there is not only a slot for memory cards, but even a standard USB) and a poorly supplied package. There is nothing you can do about the price, and the other two problems are easy to solve by purchasing accessories. For example, on AliExpress.

7v1 hub for macbook pro

Since 2016, Apple has been releasing a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports, which causes certain inconveniences when working with external drives or other peripheral devices. The company sells a branded adapter with three …


Oneplus began producing televisions

The Chinese technology company OnePlus, specializing in smartphones, has launched a TV production. A OnePlus remote control with model RC-001A was noted in the Bluetooth SIG registration database.

The document shows that the gadget supports Bluetooth 4.2 protocol and is designated as 1+ Remote Control. Although only in April 2019, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated that he considers TV remotes obsolete. In his opinion, the TV should be controlled with the help of AI.

According to rumors, OnePlus TV will be equipped with a HDR 4K panel with a built-in voice assistant (probably Google Assistant). It is assumed that the device will be a direct competitor to Xiaomi Mi TV.

The possible release of the device was mentioned back in September 2018, the company turned to fans of the brand to find the name of the product.

About the availability …


"Our business is not to go beyond one’s own": privacy becomes the main theme for Apple

Apple placed a billboard with the text “Our business is not to go into our own” (next to the Canadian headquarters of Alphabet, a subsidiary of Alphabet). The iPhone maker once again hints at privacy issues that Google cannot solve (also owned by Alphabet).

Recently, Apple has positioned the protection of user data as its most important competitive advantage. The company emphasizes that, unlike Google and Facebook, it does not give these users to the side – for example, advertisers. During the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas, Apple decided to roll out its exhibitors by posting a banner that says "What's happening on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone."

In May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai accused Apple of turning privacy into a luxury item. He obviously meant Apple pricing. Its gadgets are much more expensive than analogues on Android. …


Samsung is going to release folding glasses for augmented reality

Samsung is registering in the US a folding device that looks like a pair of glasses with a wide frame in which you can place electronic components to create augmented reality.

The documents that Samsung has provided to the patent body have images. The gadget is much smaller and sleeker than the Samsung Gear VR.

As planned by Samsung engineers, the device automatically turns on in the expanded state. The company probably uses magnetic sensors to determine when the gadget remains in the unfolded position. It is assumed that the glasses will work on the processor ARM.

Whether Samsung has a working prototype of the device is unknown.

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