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Sony invents a flexible smartphone with a transparent display

Sony has patented a foldable smartphone with two transparent displays.

According to the documents published by the Letsgodigital edition, one of the features of the unusual device will be that its screens will adapt to the user's style of holding the gadget. The unused part of the screen will be closed with a splash screen or in solid color.

On the basis of patent illustrations, Letsgodigital portal has developed sketches of the appearance of the smartphone.

How far Sony has advanced in the work on this device is unknown.


Samsung Galaxy S11 can be with sliding body

It became known that Samsung has patented a smartphone slider: the right side of the case will slide out, increasing the screen size by about 50%, transforming it into a small tablet. Presumably, the device may be the basis for the flagship device Galaxy S11.

The patent was filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) at the end of 2018. However, it was published only now.

The paper presents fourteen patent illustrations. On their basis, the portal Letsgodigital has developed renders of a possible view of what the Galaxy S11 will look like. The multi-module main camera will be located in the upper right corner of the case.

It is assumed that the smartphone will be released in early 2020.

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Samsung is going to release folding glasses for augmented reality

Samsung is registering in the US a folding device that looks like a pair of glasses with a wide frame in which you can place electronic components to create augmented reality.

The documents that Samsung has provided to the patent body have images. The gadget is much smaller and sleeker than the Samsung Gear VR.

As planned by Samsung engineers, the device automatically turns on in the expanded state. The company probably uses magnetic sensors to determine when the gadget remains in the unfolded position. It is assumed that the glasses will work on the processor ARM.

Whether Samsung has a working prototype of the device is unknown.

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IBM has patented a flexible screen smart watch. They turn into a tablet

IBM has received a patent for a smart watch with a flexible screen that can transform into a smartphone and tablet. The size of the display is 5 by 7.5 cm, the other seven screens are stored under it on the principle of a card deck. The case of the device is divided into four compartments, each of which has two monitors.

When using four monitors, the device will automatically switch to smartphone mode, and when you increase the size to eight, it will switch to tablet mode.

Illustration for an article titled IBM Patents a Smartwatch Awkward Tablet Screen on Your Wrist

From the description of the patent is not clear, the screen will unfold automatically or manually.

IBM was the market leader in smart watches, introducing a device on Linux OS in 2000. The company is focused on obtaining patents. It is unlikely that IBM will release the folding hours and that it …


Qualcomm: “iPhone would not exist without our technology”

Representatives of Qualcomm once again commented on his dispute with Apple. So, during the court hearings the defence side of the chip maker said that no technologies Qualcomm Apple wouldn’t create iPhone.

Of the hearing on the question of violation of Apple patents Qualcomm continues. 16 January 2019, the court passed to hearing of their defence. According to the representatives of Qualcomm, Apple should be beholden to the chip maker, because without technology she would not be able …


Apple to pay $ 440 million for patent infringement

Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $ 440 million after the U.S. court of appeals did not reverse the decision of the previous instance. The company illegally used the VirnetX patents.

The history of the conflict Apple and VirnetX began in 2010 when VirnetX accused Apple of violating patents used in FaceTime. Since then, lawyers for the companies have started to meet regularly in the courts.

In 2016, the court ruled that Apple must pay VirnetX $ 302 million. Then, the payout has increased …


A court in Germany rejected a lawsuit Qualcomm to Apple

The regional court Mannheim rejected the suit Qualcomm to Apple, associated with the patent infringement. This writes the news Agency Reuters.

News Agency Reuters reported the decision of the German court to refuse a new claim Qualcomm to Apple. This is the second attempt by Qualcomm to seek justice against the illegal use of patents by Apple company in Germany. According to the chipmaker, the satisfaction of the previous action has not brought the expected positive results and barely …


One of the largest suppliers of Apple barely reached the projected financial performance

Dialog Semiconductor has managed to achieve the projected net profit, despite the fact that 75% of its revenue dependent on Apple. This is one of the few suppliers that has not suffered from weak sales of the iPhone.

Dialog predicted that in the fourth quarter of 2018, its profit will be from 430 to 470 million dollars. According to the report, the company in the fourth quarter it earned $ 431 million.

Apple is the largest customer Dialog. But the company was lucky because her …


Apple is working on smart fabrics for clothing and coverings cars

Recently the portal Patiently Apple has published a patent application Apple, which describes the “technology of smart textiles with electronic components”. According to rumors, this innovation can be used in accessories, MacBook or clothing from the manufacturer iPhone.

Despite the fact that the patent does not describe a specific application of technologies, many experts and analysts tend to believe that Apple could use the smart fabric in accessories for existing gadgets such as …


Apple filed a patent that describes a technology electroenergy

AppleInsider reported on a new patent of Apple. According to journalists, we are talking about a special fabric with built-in electrical parts.

According to the publication, Apple’s patent is titled “Fabric with Embedded Electrical Components” — “Fabric with built-in electrical components”. The basis of the clothing will be used insulating and conductive threads. The first will protect the skin from the conductive fibers, and the second is to ensure the propagation of an electric …