Apple to pay $ 440 million for patent infringement

Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $ 440 million after the U.S. court of appeals did not reverse the decision of the previous instance. The company illegally used the VirnetX patents.

The history of the conflict Apple and VirnetX began in 2010 when VirnetX accused Apple of violating patents used in FaceTime. Since then, lawyers for the companies have started to meet regularly in the courts.

In 2016, the court ruled that Apple must pay VirnetX $ 302 million. Then, the payout has increased to $ 440 million. Apple regularly takes the appeal, but the penalty remains the same.

Apple must pay VirnetX 502,6 million dollars in another case. VirnetX lawyers were able to prove that FaceTime and iMessage illegally used four patents VirnetX security-related.

In total Apple has to pay VirnetX $ 942 million. Apple representatives stated that they are disappointed by the court’s decision and re-appeal.

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