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Third beta versions of iOS 12.3, watchOS 5.2.1, tvOS 12.3 and macOS 10.14.5 have been released

Simultaneously with the public release of the third beta version of iOS 12.3, Apple released the third beta version of watchOS 5.2.1, tvOS 12.3 and macOS 10.14.5.

In iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3, a fresh version of the Apple TV application has been added with an updated design and enhanced functionality. A recommendation mode has appeared that works on machine learning algorithms, so that the user can get a selection of content based on his preferences.

Apple TV interface is simplified. Now it contains the following sections: films, television shows, children's and sports programs. There is a special search bar, library options and a browse button.

Appeared and the Channels button. By clicking on it, the user can choose what he likes, subscribe and watch TV channels using the application. After the public release of the update, Apple TV will …


The public beta of macOS Catalina has been released. actualapple.com Review

On June 24, Apple released the first public beta of macOS Catalina, which was presented at a conference for WWDC developers. We talk about the main innovations.

More developer opportunities

A very important, albeit inconspicuous for ordinary users, Xcode received the update. In its 11th version, it became possible to visually preview a selected section of code. The editor received the support of the intelligent assistant, SwiftUI. In addition, it has new tools for rapid prototyping and visualization of the interface on various devices, also Catalyst, which allows porting applications created for iPad to Mac.

For example, thanks to Catalyst, the release of Gameloft’s Asphalt 9: Legends game, which Apple has already announced, has become possible.

New Augmented Reality Tools on Mac

Another new developer tool is an application for creating worlds in augmented reality Reality Composer.

Reality Composer creates …


The Apple TV will the writer who created the movie “X-Men”

Apple is preparing to introduce its own streaming service. 18 January 2019 journalists Deadline reported that to work with the American Corporation will be joined by screenwriter Simon Kienberg who created the movie “X-Men”.

Simon Kienberg, screenwriter of the franchise “X-Men”, will join Apple and will work on the creation of ten serial of the television series on sci-Fi theme. With him to work on the project will be joined by producer and actor David vail. Premiere date of the …


Scott Forstall gave an interview about Steve Jobs, Apple TV, and more

Since then, Scott Forstall left Apple in 2012, he switched to producing Broadway musicals, but sometimes he gives interviews about his work as Vice-President of software Apple.

In the latest interview with journalists, former top Manager of Apple Forstall talked about Steve Jobs, Apple TV, and more.

Today, January 16, on the YouTube channel “Philosophical conversation” was published a video called “the Creative life”. In this interview, Scott Forstall answered questions about …


In VLC will support AirPlay

The developers of the video player open source VLC announced the introduction of support for AirPlay in the next update.

The team Videolan with one of the leading developers Jean-Baptiste Kempf during CES 2019 told reporters at the CES Variety that VLC will support AirPlay, which allows users to stream video from iPhone or Android to your Apple TV.

Update app VLC could be released in about a month. However, the developers noted that the specific release dates yet.

“As in …