MacBook Pro was 13 years old

The main laptop Apple MacBook Pro was 13 years old. The device was submitted on 10 January 2006. In honor of this we tell him a brief history of the creation and reveal the secret to the success of the device.

MacBook Pro was the direct heir of the Powerbook G4. The main difference of succeeded by the dual-core Intel processor. New technology, as well as the compact dimensions and relatively small at the time the weight of the device immediately made him the object of attention of millions of geeks around the world, providing laptop the status of a bestseller in many countries.

The presentation of the device took place at the conference Macworld in San Francisco January 10, 2006. Jobs during a demonstration laptop placed special emphasis on cooperation with Intel. To signify a new era of Apple computers, the company decided to change the name Powerbook, used since 1991, on a MacBook.

Its characteristics are superior to Macbook Pro Powerbook almost five times. Its technical parameters were significantly better than other competitors in the market. The cost of the device was 1999 dollars: for this money, users can purchase the laptop 1.83 GHz (the more expensive version, the frequency of which was up to 2 GHz, it was worth $ 2499). The first ever Apple MacBook Pro was also equipped with 15.4-inch LCD display and built-in iSight camera.

Macbook also became the first in the history of Apple device that received the magnetic charging port. This technology called MagSafe, it was used in laptops before the introduction of format USB C. Apple borrowed it from the fryers at fast food restaurants: they used this technology of connecting wires, which helped to avoid the Strait of the hot liquid. In MacBook it was used to ensure that the device is not dropped, if you abruptly pull out the cable from the device.

2006 MacBook Pro has gone through several updates: it is reduced in size, is thinner, lighter and much more powerful. Apple decided to diversify this model is not only flowers, but also the size of the display: select 13 inches and 15. Increased the price: now the 15-inch Pro, you can buy a little cheaper than a top-end laptop of this series 2006 ā€” 2399 dollars. However, the money to justify a technological breakthrough that happened in those 13 years: in 2006 and to imagine it was impossible that the laptop can be touch or that his display can show the image with photographic accuracy.

Finally, a huge breakthrough in comparison with 2006 has also been made in the gaming industry. Although some users believe that the power of the graphics card MacBook Pro 2018 is not enough for an acceptable frame rate in such games like Dirt 3 and other games, including the Sims 4 or not the new, but still relevant part of the series Need For Speed, the laptop plays at the level of expensive gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It is difficult to imagine that in 2006, the first generation MacBook was able to demonstrate at least part of the work, which today can perform Pro 2018.

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