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The Swiss watchmaker has released a copy of Apple Watch for 350 thousand dollars

The success of the Apple Watch is not haunted by many manufacturers of smart watches. At this time, to borrow an idea Apple has decided in Switzerland.

17 January 2019 Swiss company H Moser & Cie introduced a new concept of brand-name watches, design of which largely repeats the famous Apple Watch. The device is called Swiss Alp Black Watch Concept. It costs 350 thousand dollars. The presentation took place in the framework of the International salon of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. …


Apple is working on smart fabrics for clothing and coverings cars

Recently the portal Patiently Apple has published a patent application Apple, which describes the “technology of smart textiles with electronic components”. According to rumors, this innovation can be used in accessories, MacBook or clothing from the manufacturer iPhone.

Despite the fact that the patent does not describe a specific application of technologies, many experts and analysts tend to believe that Apple could use the smart fabric in accessories for existing gadgets such as …


5 new features and changes that need to be in iOS 13

Before the presentation of iOS 13 have six months. iOS 12 is largely similar to the iOS 11, because the main focus was on changes within the system. It is expected that significant changes will appear in iOS 13.

Information about what new features will appear in iOS 13, no. But there is a small wish list that we’d like to see this year.

Dark mode

This function expect the first year. It is on some Android smartphones, and was in Windows Phone. Soon it will appear in the shell …


As the magic of Apple is changing the attitude of people to design the next iPhone

Every two years before the release of the new iPhone appears a lot of rumors about its design. Most of these rumors cause only negative emotions, but when on stage, Apple representatives tell about the new smartphone, the anger gives way to mercy.

Apple changes the iPhone design every two years. And every two years, there are photographs, models, concepts, rumors and plans for a new smartphone. As a rule, people react negatively. For example not far to seek. Suffice it to recall the …


How Apple can save the bangs on the iPhone

According to rumors, Apple may reduce the cut in the new iPhone. IMore editor Rene Ritchie has created several concepts to demonstrate different options for placement of sensors.

In the near future, Apple is unlikely to be able to tape all of the sensors under the display, so the bangs will likely continue. However, Rene Ritchie hopes that in the future Apple will be able to place sensors under the display.

Unlike Huawei and Samsung, which have already started to produce …