In Russia, the iPhone is leading in revenue, but on the third place by quantity of sales

More than 30 million smartphones almost 470 billion were sold in Russia in 2018. Among the favorites is the iPhone.

Russian smartphone sales in 2018 rose collectively from all sellers 17% to 469 billion rubles in money, and 3% to more than 30 million pieces. The average price of a smartphone has increased by 17% and amounted to 15.7 thousand rubles. This was reported by “the Messenger/Evroset”, the largest retailer segment.

At the end of last year, the number of sold smartphones Apple ranked third, behind Samsung and Huawei/Honor. In monetary terms, as leaders escaped iPhone, followed by Samsung, Huawei/Honor.

“Buyers continue to make choices in favor of high-tech models of smartphones with NFC function, double, and triple chambers, and other popular options. Today on the market there are a large number of devices, which have excellent technical characteristics and a good balance between price and quality,” said David Borzilov, Vice President, sales “Coherent/Euronetwork”.

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