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Five cases, an alternative to the Apple Smart Battery Case that will save your money

This week Apple released brand covers with built-in battery for iPhone XS, Max XS and XR for the price of 11 176 rubles. We offer 5 similar covers that are much cheaper.

As you know, one of the weaknesses of smartphones is their autonomy. In this regard, purchasing the iPhone, it is better to think about powerbanks or any other solution by which you not remain without a connection at the most inopportune moment.

Even since the release of iPhone 4 accessories, such as cases with …


Apple is working on smart fabrics for clothing and coverings cars

Recently the portal Patiently Apple has published a patent application Apple, which describes the “technology of smart textiles with electronic components”. According to rumors, this innovation can be used in accessories, MacBook or clothing from the manufacturer iPhone.

Despite the fact that the patent does not describe a specific application of technologies, many experts and analysts tend to believe that Apple could use the smart fabric in accessories for existing gadgets such as …


The results of the CES 2019: Interesting charger for Apple

Wireless, powerful, and quick to take advantage of GaN (gallium nitride) to reduce the size. And even a car mount-charging, embraces the smartphone.

Automated wireless charging iOttie

Car mount for wireless rapid charging Auto Sense from the company iOttie — one of the most unusual but useful devices at the exhibition. It charges your smartphone wirelessly, but it is not the cool feature. When the device “feel” the approach of the smartphone, the holders will automatically …


Siri saved the life of a resident of Nevada, got in a car accident

Siri saved the lives of Americans involved in an accident in Nevada. He managed to call emergency services, stuck in a wrecked car.

American Nate Felix was in an accident on one of the trails of Nevada. The motorist lost control and flew into the hole formed on the dry lake. The body of Nate, as he later told reporters, was paralyzed — man could barely turn his head. The accident happened in the evening, and, considering that in the desert at night the temperature in winter can be …