The results of the CES 2019: Interesting charger for Apple

Wireless, powerful, and quick to take advantage of GaN (gallium nitride) to reduce the size. And even a car mount-charging, embraces the smartphone.

Automated wireless charging iOttie

Car mount for wireless rapid charging Auto Sense from the company iOttie — one of the most unusual but useful devices at the exhibition. It charges your smartphone wirelessly, but it is not the cool feature. When the device “feel” the approach of the smartphone, the holders will automatically disperse to the sides, and then gently squeeze the gadget yourself. Auto Sense supports the charging speed of 10 watts and will cost $ 54,95. The sale will be released at the end of this year.

Wireless charger Griffin

Griffin, certified manufacturer of accessories for Apple presented the device for wireless charging of the iPhone and Apple Watch:

  • PowerBlock Fast Wireless Charging Pad is 7.5-watt charger Qi charger for iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • PowerBlock Wireless Charging Stand / Pad — 10-watt Qi-compliant station that can charge your iPhone vertically, in portrait and landscape modes, or horizontally.
  • Reserve Wireless Charging Power Bank — external battery 5000 mAh with wireless charging.

And a bunch of devices, cost and availability which we wrote about HERE.

Fast and compact charger Anker

Anker at the exhibition announced that launches the sale of the portable charging PowerPort Atom PD-1. Accessory not much more than a normal charger for the iPhone, but is able to quickly charge laptops MacBook and MacBook Air, as well as any smartphone or tablet with standard USB Power Delivery. More efficient in a compact size it makes gallium nitride (GaN), which is used here instead of silicon. Cost charging $30, will appear in January.

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