Lux Watch 4 — the Apple Watch Series 4 for a million dollars

Company Brikk has unveiled a new Apple Watch collection Series 4. Watches are made of expensive materials. The initial price of 28 $ 995.

Expensive Apple watch is not new. The company released Apple Watch Edition, which cost more than $ 10,000.

But this price seems ridiculous on the background of price tag Watch Lux 4. According to Brikk to create a Lux Watch 4, the company spent five years on research and development. Watches are available in sizes 40 and 44 mm, and they have beveled corners. There are seven options of design, including ceramics, carbon, titanium and 18-Karat gold.

The cheapest version with 18-carat gold may be made of yellow or rose gold. Included with it is “shiny strap is made of alligator.”

The range Brikk the many design options of straps and casings. There are versions with emeralds, diamonds and other precious stones. The most expensive versions of the Lux Watch 4, featuring a rare diamonds worth over a million dollars. The exact price is negotiated with the client.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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