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Operating system Mac OS X has a long history of development and improvement. All the way from the early years to the present day can be seen in this category. Surprised at how beautiful this system was used to, and admire the fact that every year it gets better and better.


All that is known about the successor to the iPhone XS Max

In Chinese social network Weibo appeared the first information about the new upcoming iPhone models that Apple will introduce in the fall of 2019.

The most interesting innovation for smartphones can be the displays with a higher refresh rate in the interval from 90 to 120 Hz. Thus, Apple will be able to find a “middle ground” between the improved display refresh rate and battery life of the device.

Also, according to Weibo, the successor to the iPhone XS Max will be equipped with a …


Netflix fears the competition with Fortnite more than Apple c

Netflix published a report on financial indicators for the year 2018, which commented on the competition from other streaming services and Fortnite.

In 2018, the revenue of Netflix was 15.8 billion dollars, 4.1 billion more than in 2017. The number of subscribers grew by 22.9 million to 88,77 million.

Netflix is not afraid of competition from Hulu, because this is a streaming service, the average viewing time is less than YouTube. In addition, Hulu is available only in the United …


Analysts believe that Apple will continue to cooperate with Qualcomm

Despite the rumors that Apple will use 5G modems Intel iPhone 2020, analysts from Barclays believe that the company will change its decision and will continue to cooperate with Qualcomm.

Macrumors received a copy of the internal document Barclays, which says that “Apple has all the chances to use 5G modems Qualcomm in their phones 2020”. Analysts also believe that this transaction could lead to the settlement of legal conflict.

This is a very bold statement, considering that the …


Wallpaper for iPhone in honor of the birthday of Winnie the Pooh

18 January 2019 marks the 93 years the most recognizable bear in the world. In honor of this we chose five of the most adorable Wallpapers with Winnie the Pooh for your iPhone.






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Is it worth buying refurbished iPhone

A Reddit user asked to share opinions about problems with Apple devices restored and added that he is thinking about buying a restored iPad. In comments came from a former Apple employee.

According to the employee, who spent seven years in customer support Genius Bar, do not worry about the quality of the restored Apple devices. The company is very meticulously monitors the quality of repairs and full testing of rebuilt (in the USA know them as Refurbished, Russia — “as new”) …


The hackers posted a database of 773 millions of e-mail addresses and 22 million passwords

More 87 gigabytes of passwords and addresses was leaked. The data collected in the folder “Collection # 1” and uploaded it to a cloud service MEGA and “popular hacking forum”.

Hackers have built a formidable database of nearly 773 million e-mail addresses and 22 million unique passwords. This was told by Troy hunt, a specialist in the field of computer security. For the first time the Internet got 140 million addresses and 10 million passwords, other data were previously published. …


The Apple TV will the writer who created the movie “X-Men”

Apple is preparing to introduce its own streaming service. 18 January 2019 journalists Deadline reported that to work with the American Corporation will be joined by screenwriter Simon Kienberg who created the movie “X-Men”.

Simon Kienberg, screenwriter of the franchise “X-Men”, will join Apple and will work on the creation of ten serial of the television series on sci-Fi theme. With him to work on the project will be joined by producer and actor David vail. Premiere date of the …


Apple as ever is interested in staff with experience in the field of health

Apple is interested in hiring employees who have experience in the field of healthcare. This is reported by experts Thinkum.

According to experts Thinkum, the interest of Apple to hire employees willing to work in the field of health, as of 2017 increased by 400 percent. If in October 2017, Apple had 15 open positions associated with the sphere of health, in January 2019, the number was 75. As noted by the company itself, investments in the healthcare system benefit all of humanity. …


Apple may release iPad two budget in the first half of 2019

Apple is preparing to introduce two new tablet in the first half of 2019. Their price will be significantly lower than the iPad Pro and other. This is reported by sources close to the supply chain.

According to insiders, Apple has found manufacturers who will manufacture the new tablet of the company. They will become the General Interface Solution (GIS) and TPK Holding. They will produce front and the building panel for devices, only their share will be 40 and 60 percent of production …


Heir iPhone XR will benefit from improved antenna and support a new generation of Wi-Fi

Analysts from Barclays said the new data about the future successor to the iPhone XR. According to them, the new smartphone will have an updated antenna that will improve signal LTE network and support system Wi-Fi of the sixth generation.

According to analysts, the next generation iPhone XR, which will be released in 2019, will get a new antenna format MIMO 4×4. This will allow Apple to make the future XR faster than XR-2018 and last year’s X. the Antenna will be similar to those now …