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Twitter has launched a new beta program with early access to new features

The developers of the Twitter app will soon start deploying the beta program for a select group of users who will test the new features of the microblogging service.

The purpose of the new beta program is to help the team Twitter to determine whether to turn this demo features part of the finished product or to abandon their implementation.

The portal TechCrunch was able to get access to the beta program. Reporters noted several notable features that are in development.

The …


Legendary Golden Axe II by Sega will be released on iOS

The company Sega announced the preparation of a cult Golden Axe II for iOS devices. The game may appear in the App Store in the first half of 2019.

Legendary Golden Axe II from the nineties will be available for users of iOS devices already in 2019. This was reported by representatives of Sega. The official Twitter account of the company were also published as a teaser for future games.

Golden Axe II was released in 1991 and immediately became a hit. For the first time the rumors …


A court in Germany rejected a lawsuit Qualcomm to Apple

The regional court Mannheim rejected the suit Qualcomm to Apple, associated with the patent infringement. This writes the news Agency Reuters.

News Agency Reuters reported the decision of the German court to refuse a new claim Qualcomm to Apple. This is the second attempt by Qualcomm to seek justice against the illegal use of patents by Apple company in Germany. According to the chipmaker, the satisfaction of the previous action has not brought the expected positive results and barely …


Alibaba: Apple not to blame for the drop in income, just China has slowed

When Tim cook published an open letter to investors, which announced a slowdown in revenue for the 1st quarter of 2019, the technical and the financial sector was furious. It was the end of Apple and the world as we know it. Apple will inevitably closer to the collapse, was the peak, will soon leave us forever.

But surprise, surprise — in the footsteps of the Cupertino company went Samsung, announcing the first two years the fall in revenue by 29%. While the Nikkei, one of the most …


Apple has launched an interactive website advertising the iPad Pro 2018

Apple has launched a new interactive microsite for mobile devices, which highlights the capabilities of the new iPad Pro.

Previously, the company already did a similar marketing move — in September Apple released a similar microsite to demonstrate the features and innovations of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

The new website has four tabs: screen Size, Face ID, the thickness of the device and the Apple Pencil. Starting from the “screen Size” you are invited to see the new …


The California court ruled that the U.S. police has no right to demand unlock iPhone by Face ID

Several months were registered the first case when U.S. law enforcement authorities demanded that a suspect unlock their phone using Face ID. It turns out that these police actions are illegal.

Forbes magazine, citing court orders California, reports that even with a warrant the government can not force people to unlock their devices using biometric features.

Having studied the case materials, judge Kandis Westmore agreed that the police had reason to arrest him, but they had no …


Journalist John Gruber made an assumption about weak iPhone sales in 2018

After a review of the Apple predictions on income for the first quarter of 2019, it was announced that Tim cook will hold a meeting to discuss the results with employees. Most of the details of this meeting are unknown, but John Gruber of Daring Fireball has an interesting news.

During the General Assembly of the Apple, which was held on 3 January, Tim cook said that the company had replaced the 11 million batteries during the period of validity of the special replacement program for …


Macotakara, Apple will release a new iPod Touch and replace the Lightning-to-USB-C in iPhone 2019

According to a new report from Japanese resource Macotakara, Apple is working on a new generation iPod touch. In addition, the source says that the iPhone 2019 will be installed the USB connector.

In its report, the editors Macotakara cites sources in the supply chain. Detailed information about what changes might get a new iPod touch, no. It is worth noting that the iPod touch 6th generation was released in 2015, and Apple still continues to sell it at a price of 199 dollars for the …


In the YouTube app for iOS, you can now scroll through the video in Instagram Stories

Previously, users had to spend time watching videos recommended, not always of interest, but now they are spared from this inconvenience. YouTube updates mobile app to make navigation even easier. Starting this week, to move through the recommended videos by using the horizontal swipe. A new feature is a bit easier and speed up the search for the desired content.

Swiping forward will take the next recommended video, swiping back will return to the last viewed. The movie starts from the …