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Video bomb with sequins Apple HomePod was a statement

Live with the bomb, made of sequin and boxes from Apple HomePod, went viral. However, journalists at Buzzfeed figured out that most of the video was staged.

Users of social networks drew attention to some of the details of viral video suggested that the video could be staged. For example, they noticed that a black Ford Focus, caught on video, belongs to a friend of a former NASA engineer Mark Rober. Their theory decided to check journalists Buzzfeed. To this end, they contacted the …


iPad mini 5 will get dual core camera

In the network appeared the first photos of case for the new generation iPad mini. Judging by the pictures, the tablet will get dual main camera, and its microphone is located at the center of the rear panel.

Information portal Slashleaks published the first picture of the cover for the iPad mini 5. Images are available in his blog publication on Twitter. Judging by the photos, the tablet will get dual main camera, which will be located vertically. In addition, the cover has a small …


Fantastic new location in Red Dead Redemption 2: video

A Reddit user discovered a new snowy location in Red Dead Redemption 2. In his opinion, the game developers didn’t plan to give players access to that point on the map.

According to forum user Reddit under the nickname danwil316, previously unknown location located close to the region near Barrow Lagoon. In the movie, where the hero with his horse wandering in the highlands, are visible snowy landscapes and small urban settlement. It is located on the shore of the lake.

According …


The head of Roskomnadzor denied receiving 20 billion rubles for the Telegram lock

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov refused to acknowledge the receipt of 20 billion rubles from the budget of the Russian Federation on the development of new technology blocking Telegram. However, the Committee will continue to fight with the messenger.

As noted in his interview with TASS news Agency, Alexander Zharov, Roskomnadzor has not applied to receive 20 billion rubles for the development of new technology blocking of Telegram service. According to him, currently there …


The Chinese company will not encourage employees, who buy iPhone

Quartz edition told of the unknown Chinese company, which stopped paying premiums and denied the career growth of employees who use Apple products. At this step the company went to support Huawei.

Quartz refers to the Chinese media, who also do not call the name of the company. Know about her only that she is located in Zhejiang and works in the technology industry.

In an internal letter to its employees under the title “Declaration on combating Apple and the support of Huawei”, …


Google will pay a fine of Roskomnadzor

Google agreed to pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles. He was discharged Roskomnadzor for refusing to obey Russian law.

The search engine was accused of violating the law, according to which Google had to join in the unified register of banned sites. It had to be done, so Google has removed from search results sites which are in the database. Google has ignored this law, therefore, 26 Nov Roskomnadzor made the Protocol on administrative offense and sued.

11 December, the head of …


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will display more than in Note 9

In the network continue to appear rumors about the Samsung flagships 2019. Informed insiders said that the Galaxy S10 can obtain 6,11-inch screen, now it became known about the company’s plans to release a model with a larger diagonal display and support for 5G.

According to Ice Universe, the usual model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get 6,11-inch display and a 5G version — 6,66-inch screen. Because of this, the top flagship Galaxy S series 2019 will be more than 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 …


Samsung may introduce a new smart watch to Tizen OS together with the Galaxy S10

In the network appeared some details about the new smart watches from Samsung, but it’s not the second generation Galaxy Watch, but rather a small update Gear Sport.

According to information obtained from the portal SamMobile, the device is codenamed “Pulse” and is referred to in internal documents as SM-R500.

The model number is a reference to the smart watch Samsung Gear Sport — SM-R600. It is unclear why the company started numbering the gadgets in reverse order, as all the …


The developers PUBG banned more than 30,000 accounts: Pro players are no exception

The developers Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds of the company Bluehole banned more than 30,000 accounts for the use of the new Chita a “Vicenti”. Among the blocked were a few professional players.

PUBG — game in the genre “battle Royal” with multiple online audiences and segment of the professional players. To be one of the most popular games — no easy task. Players are faced with the cheaters, since early launch, to the final release, the problem took on a mass character. …