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How to save time on deleting files in macOS

To delete any of the files on your Mac, you need to perform several actions. Tell how to get rid of unnecessary queries, and delete files in Mac OS, bypassing the recycle bin.

Sooner or later, almost all computer owners are faced with the lack of space on the hard disk and start to “clean” the memory from unwanted things. Moreover, in order to free up space on your hard drive, just storing unnecessary files to the trash is not enough. By default, users of Apple computers have to delete …


Top 5 Christmas movies. Part 2

Winter weekends continue — and with it our list of Christmas movies you can spend all your free time.

“Bridget Jones”

Cult movie zero that it’s never too late to remember. Especially if we are talking about Christmas — we all remember with warmth how ugly Bridget has found happiness in the most snowy time of the year. Colin Firth, Renee Zellweger and ugly Christmas sweaters — here is the recipe priceless Christmas holidays.

“The Grinch”

New cartoon on the history of the …


5 best accessories for pumping the iPhone’s camera

The Apple smartphones are considered to be one of the best in terms of mobile photography or video. However, with the help of additional accessories you can improve the iPhone camera.

Despite the fact that most of the pictures taken on the iPhone can be published to the social network even without treatment sometimes you may need additional devices to obtain the best result. For example, many bloggers in 2018 filming videos on iPhone XS or XR, explaining that the recording quality of …


How to create a playlist with your favorite tracks in the Apple Music

Each track in the Apple Music you like, so noting your favorite song. And with iTunes you can create a playlist with your favorite tracks, which will be automatically updated.

Before you can create playlist with your favorite tracks, you need to consider that any songs must be added to the library. If the songs were delivered like, but it was not added to the library, it won’t get in the playlist.

How to put the huskies in the Apple Music

  • In iTunes you need to click the right

The exclusive dials for any model of Apple Watch

As you know, Apple Watch Nike+ or Hermes Edition preinstalled special dials that are not available on other models of smart watches. Show you how to add new dials in any Apple Watch.

It should be noted that this method involves installing apps not from the App Store, so all manipulation of the devices you manufacture at your own risk.

Even since the release of the first Apple Watch, users have repeatedly asked the manufacturer for permission to install third party dials. Apple …


Russia finally fell in love with the MacBook. People have learned to save?

Paul Gorodnitsky — on why grown-up demand for Apple’s laptops — it’s wonderful.

Not so long ago, “the Messenger” and “Euroset” has summed up year. Key point: statistics on MacBook: uniting the retailers argue that in 2018 they bought 65% more Apple laptops than in 2017.

In fact, the growth is just enormous, given that no budget models not really appeared. Even presented at the end of the year, the MacBook Air costs more 100 thousand rubles, therefore, to explain this release, the …


What to expect from Apple in 2019

In 2018 Apple updates most products with the exception of the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, iPad mini, Apple TV and AirPods. Many analysts expect in the new year the company will introduce a number of new products.

In this article we will discuss when Apple will conduct the following activities, and what devices do we expect from the company over the next 12 months.

Calendar of events the Apple

Likely, the company will hold four major events in 2019:

  • March (usually on some of the

CSR 2: drag racing, which is disappointing

CSR Racing 2 is one of the most popular games in the App Store. We downloaded it to check whether it is good really. It turned out that rave reviews have nothing to do with reality.The first thing that catches the eye when opening a CSR 2 — an extensive game world. Map, which the user needs to choose a race, really huge. In addition, CSR 2 has high quality graphics, which is practically not inferior to the picture we can see on game consoles, with the exception, perhaps, realistic physics …


Top 5 Christmas movies. Part 1

The new year is over, but the holiday weekend continues. We’ve collected five movies that will help pass the winter evenings and spend time with loved ones.

“A Christmas story”

The Robert Zemeckis film that gave the audience such cult movies as the trilogy “Back to the future” and the fantastic story of friendship with an extraterrestrial civilization “Alien”. The picture is perfect for those who are skeptical about new year holidays: the main character, who, quite frankly, refuses …