5 best accessories for pumping the iPhone’s camera

The Apple smartphones are considered to be one of the best in terms of mobile photography or video. However, with the help of additional accessories you can improve the iPhone camera.

Despite the fact that most of the pictures taken on the iPhone can be published to the social network even without treatment sometimes you may need additional devices to obtain the best result. For example, many bloggers in 2018 filming videos on iPhone XS or XR, explaining that the recording quality of the new smartphones is not inferior to professional cameras.

However, it is worth considering the fact that they used various accessories. Talk about the 5 best devices for pumping the iPhone’s camera.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Three-axis stabilizer for mobile phones from famous brand. It will save your video from effect of “trembling hands”. The gadget connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronized with a special application that extends video. Controls located on the handle of the stabilizer. Osmo Mobile 2 is easy to use and is perfect for dynamic shooting during travel, and for conducting personal blogs.

Price: 9 500 rubles.


A set of olloclip mobile photography consists of three lenses — fisheye, wide angle and macro lens with 15x magnification. With this set you can raise the quality of your photos to a higher level.

Price: 8 990 rubles.

Rhino RŌV Mobile Motorized Slider

If you need rails for the iPhone, it is the best of them. Just install the companion app on the smartphone, insert it into the mounting and start shooting. Charging accessory with USB cable. Package also includes a lens for the iPhone. With all its functionality, the gadget is relatively compact and fits in almost any backpack.

Price: 21 000 rubles.

Insta360 One

Panoramic action camera, removing spherical photos and videos in the format 360 degrees. The gadget can connect to your iPhone or use separately from a smartphone. The device is certified MFi (Made For iPhone) and is managed through a special application.

Price: from 29 990 rubles.

Miggo Pictar One Plus Mark II

This special holder will allow you to turn your iPhone into a real camera. Functional buttons work just like on a DSLR camera, and thanks to this gadget, you can use the smartphone on any tripod.

Price: 7 990 rubles.

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