Top 5 Christmas movies. Part 1

The new year is over, but the holiday weekend continues. We’ve collected five movies that will help pass the winter evenings and spend time with loved ones.

“A Christmas story”

The Robert Zemeckis film that gave the audience such cult movies as the trilogy “Back to the future” and the fantastic story of friendship with an extraterrestrial civilization “Alien”. The picture is perfect for those who are skeptical about new year holidays: the main character, who, quite frankly, refuses to share the joy of anticipation of Christmas, is faced with light magic powers that give him faith in the love and return a positive attitude to life.

“12 dates of Christmas”

An American Comedy by James Hayman, the main decoration of which is the new year new York, and sparkling sense of humour of the main characters. The main character Kate is torn between two lovers, and new year’s eve, losing all chances to find happiness in his personal life. But evidently fortune: the destiny gives her a new chance to relive Christmas eve to fix their mistakes and find your soulmate.

“Frozen from Miami”

It is hard to imagine a film in which played Renee Zellweger and where it is not touched if the theme of Christmas. Her heroine is a young businesswoman Lucy that the chief sends mission to North to the town of New Ulm. She not only gets into many awkward situations, and finds a new love, which changes her life but, of course, spending Christmas in the warm company of new friends.

“Harry Potter” (all parts)

The cult film series, which will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the familiar childhood adventures of the boy who lived, every part of magic anthology is accompanied by bright Christmas episodes. There are decorated Christmas tree and a sumptuous Banquet table with Christmas dishes, and sincere congratulations to the holidays ā€” what could be better in the snow this weekend?

“200 cigarettes”

Another Christmas in new York, but this time the main characters of several. The group of friends decides to celebrate the New Year together, but they prevent new contingency. Their adventure is worthy of watching ā€” especially given the stellar cast: Courtney Love, Kate Hudson, Ben Affleck, etc.

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