The exclusive dials for any model of Apple Watch

As you know, Apple Watch Nike+ or Hermes Edition preinstalled special dials that are not available on other models of smart watches. Show you how to add new dials in any Apple Watch.

It should be noted that this method involves installing apps not from the App Store, so all manipulation of the devices you manufacture at your own risk.

Even since the release of the first Apple Watch, users have repeatedly asked the manufacturer for permission to install third party dials. Apple decided that the dials from third-party developers is excessive indulgence and, most likely, have saved this “feature” for one of the following versions watchOS. Now, thanks to several independent programmers who have created the special app, users can set the whole store a variety of dials for any model of the Apple Watch.

In order to add many new watch faces for the Apple Watch, you need to:

  • Open link in browser on iPhone and click on “Install”
  • Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “device Management” and select “Trust”
  • Open Watch app on iPhone to install new app on your smart watch
  • To run the dials on the iPhone and download the free design options
  • Go to the app on Apple Watch
  • This way you can give a smart watch a bit of personality, but it can significantly reduce the battery life.

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