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In VLC will support AirPlay

The developers of the video player open source VLC announced the introduction of support for AirPlay in the next update.

The team Videolan with one of the leading developers Jean-Baptiste Kempf during CES 2019 told reporters at the CES Variety that VLC will support AirPlay, which allows users to stream video from iPhone or Android to your Apple TV.

Update app VLC could be released in about a month. However, the developers noted that the specific release dates yet.

“As in …


Sales of Apple computers declined during the holiday period 2018

In addition to the problems associated with iPhone sales, Apple has also faced a decline in demand for the Mac in December.

According to Gartner, shipments of Apple computers in December 2018 amounted to 4.9 million units. For comparison, over the same period of 2017 were sold 5.1 million computers, the decline amounted to 3.8%.

Despite this, the company’s share on the market increased from 7.1% to 7.2%, which is a significant growth considering that the overall PC sales decreased …


Apple released the fourth beta version of iOS 12.1.3 and macOS Mojave 10.14.3

Three days after the release of third beta version iOS 12.1.3 and macOS Mojave 10.14.3, Apple released the fourth beta for developers and public beta testers.

Developers can download the new test firmware from the Apple Developer Center, or download them over the air, if the appropriate profile. To install the public beta version also needs to install a special profile on the device.

The fourth beta version iOS 12.1.3 technically is the third beta version. Since iOS 12.1.3 includes …


Xiaomi copied Apple for iPhone 5c

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note smartphone with camera 7 to 48 megapixels. Future owners of this phone company offers to buy the covers that Apple introduced five years ago.

Xiaomi often borrows ideas from Apple. The company is not ashamed to release similar smart phones and laptops, but this is the first time when the Xiaomi copied the covers from Apple.

It should be noted that this is not a copy one, but the idea with the perforated back panel to demonstrate the color of …


Foxconn reported a loss in December 2018 due to the low demand for the new iPhone

Unexpectedly weak sales of the new iPhone had an adverse impact both on the Apple and on key manufacturers of smartphones American company. About their losses at the end of 2018, announced Foxconn. His income for last year fell to $ 20 billion.

Weak consumer demand for the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR was one of the reasons for the decline of Apple shares. As journalists Phonearena, suffer loss, and other companies that cooperate with it. So, the key iPhone manufacturer — Foxconn — …


Experts HSBC have reduced the revenue forecast for Apple in 2019

Experts of Bank HSBC announced changes to its forecast on Apple’s profits in 2019. The reason — the low demand for the new iPhone and the current crisis in the Chinese market.

Analysts at HSBC reduced targets for securities of Apple. According to the recommendations of the Bank, the company’s shares in January 2019, it is better not to sell and not to buy — they are translated into “Hold” mode, which means that the growth potential of securities of Apple in the near future (from a …


MacBook Pro was 13 years old

The main laptop Apple MacBook Pro was 13 years old. The device was submitted on 10 January 2006. In honor of this we tell him a brief history of the creation and reveal the secret to the success of the device.

MacBook Pro was the direct heir of the Powerbook G4. The main difference of succeeded by the dual-core Intel processor. New technology, as well as the compact dimensions and relatively small at the time the weight of the device immediately made him the object of attention of …


Cellular network 10G is not far off: Apple is worth considering

Despite the fact that not all devices support 5G cellular network, some organizations are already preparing for the launch of 10G networks. For example, the national cable and television Association of the United States began a marketing campaign dedicated to the creation and development of the network 10G.

It seems the national cable and television Association, the United States decided to go ahead. According to the statement of its representatives, the Association has begun …


In Russia, the iPhone is leading in revenue, but on the third place by quantity of sales

More than 30 million smartphones almost 470 billion were sold in Russia in 2018. Among the favorites is the iPhone.

Russian smartphone sales in 2018 rose collectively from all sellers 17% to 469 billion rubles in money, and 3% to more than 30 million pieces. The average price of a smartphone has increased by 17% and amounted to 15.7 thousand rubles. This was reported by “the Messenger/Evroset”, the largest retailer segment.

At the end of last year, the number of sold smartphones …