Xiaomi copied Apple for iPhone 5c

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note smartphone with camera 7 to 48 megapixels. Future owners of this phone company offers to buy the covers that Apple introduced five years ago.

Xiaomi often borrows ideas from Apple. The company is not ashamed to release similar smart phones and laptops, but this is the first time when the Xiaomi copied the covers from Apple.

It should be noted that this is not a copy one, but the idea with the perforated back panel to demonstrate the color of the smartphone, has clearly been taken from a case for your iPhone 5c. Unlike Apple’s solution where the cut is made only on part of the case, Xiaomi uses the cutouts on the case.

This is not the first product during the last time that Xiaomi has copied Apple. On 8 January the company introduced wireless headphones Mi AirDots. As well as AirPods, AirDots there are touch buttons, case, fast charging and proximity sensor. In addition, the headphones feature noise cancellation and water resistance to IPX4 standard.

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