Apple dropped to 36th place in the ranking of the best employers in the United States

Company Glassdoor released its annual ranking of the 50 best employers in the United States, which includes about 20 IT corporations, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, LinkedIn, Adobe, NVIDIA, Microsoft and Airbnb. If 2011, the iPhone maker was in the top ten, five years later, the company dropped to 36th place.

The Glassdoor ranking is based on employee reviews of companies from different industries. Apple employees evaluated the degree of job satisfaction at 4.2 out of five.

Among the advantages that are called servants high wages, bonuses, medical insurance and working environment. “Everyone is responsible for their work and at the same time feels part of one big team,” explained the analysts.

On the first place ranking Glassdoor is located at unknown us company Bain & Company with an index of 4.6 points. In the top ten included Google (4.4 points), LinkedIn (4.4 points), and Adobe (4.3 points). From well-known companies you can also to note Nvidia (30th place with 4.2 points), Microsoft (37th place with 4.2 points) and SpaceX (40th place with 4.2 points).

Interestingly, for Apple this is the worst result in the history of ratings Glassdoor. For example, last year, copertina were in 25th place, and the year before — 22. For comparison, Google last year, was in eighth place, and the year before on the first.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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