The head of Roskomnadzor denied receiving 20 billion rubles for the Telegram lock

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov refused to acknowledge the receipt of 20 billion rubles from the budget of the Russian Federation on the development of new technology blocking Telegram. However, the Committee will continue to fight with the messenger.

As noted in his interview with TASS news Agency, Alexander Zharov, Roskomnadzor has not applied to receive 20 billion rubles for the development of new technology blocking of Telegram service. According to him, currently there is a system that restrict access to instant messenger, but its cost to speak while prematurely.

We definitely are working on approaches to effective, point content blocking not only websites, but applications. Because it may be required, including in an emergency. But to say that such a decision is ready, this particular development will be applied, and it is worth so many rubles before.

Apart from this, Zharov made against the BBC, which reported on the potential spending of the Ministry one of the first.

Roskomnadzor appealed to the Ministry of Finance for 20 billion rubles, or for a different amount on some program. Anything mentioned in the material Bi-bi-si, we did not.

We will remind that earlier the BBC reported that Roskomnadzor plans to borrow from the Russian budget 20 billion rubles for the introduction of new tools lock Telegram. According to the publication, their application may begin in the first half of 2019.

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