Twitter has launched a new beta program with early access to new features

The developers of the Twitter app will soon start deploying the beta program for a select group of users who will test the new features of the microblogging service.

The purpose of the new beta program is to help the team Twitter to determine whether to turn this demo features part of the finished product or to abandon their implementation.

The portal TechCrunch was able to get access to the beta program. Reporters noted several notable features that are in development.

The microblogging service is testing a new sorting algorithm answers. Now they are displayed in a ranked order, so your friends ‘ answers will be moved to the top.

Another feature that the company wants to test is an extension of the buttons interaction. In other words, the Twitter app was removed favorites button “reply” and “retweet” on the main screen. To display the buttons users will need to click on publish. It is worth noting that third-party Twitter clients use this feature for quite some time.

“In contrast to traditional beta, which is the last step before launching, we give you the opportunity to test program participants all of the features a lot sooner,” said Sara Haider, Director of product management at Twitter.

Representatives of the company claim that the initial beta will focus on the major redesign which will add a new color scheme and various visual cues to differentiate the answers.

Twitter developers note that the option to download a separate beta app will be available to some users registered in the program in the near future.

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