Is it worth buying refurbished iPhone

A Reddit user asked to share opinions about problems with Apple devices restored and added that he is thinking about buying a restored iPad. In comments came from a former Apple employee.

According to the employee, who spent seven years in customer support Genius Bar, do not worry about the quality of the restored Apple devices. The company is very meticulously monitors the quality of repairs and full testing of rebuilt (in the USA know them as Refurbished, Russia ā€” “as new”) devices.

All products of this type, including iPhone and iPad, get new batteries and case. Specialists carefully check them for serviceability and issued a one-year warranty. What then is changing? Nothing except the packaging. The device is supplied in plain white boxes with warranty “Apple Certified Refurbished”. On the cover is written the name of the product.

The ex-employee noted that the purchase refurbished iPhone and iPad is an opportunity to save 10-30% of the funds. And in most cases, he concluded, first to replace smartphones and tablets Apple is still the same restored device.


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Clifton Nichols

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