WSJ: iPhone may become obsolete as the Walkman player and camera Polaroid

The Wall Street Journal published the text under the name “Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. iPhone?”, which suggested that the iPhone will be the fate of forgotten portable devices. All because, the article notes that the demand for a new model drops, even when a company is innovating new ideas and features.

As history shows, any device will ever be in a Museum, next to the calculator, a pager, a Polaroid camera and a Walkman player. But it is difficult to imagine that the iPhone will be forgotten — changes too quickly overtaken by a device that firmly entered the life of the user.

“Each franchise is dying”, said Nick Santhanam, a senior partner at McKinsey company. “You can innovate in an amazing mousetrap, but if people ultimately don’t want the trap, you’re screwed.”

The WSJ concludes that the popularity of the iPhone for many years is a great achievement. Ten years of life iPhone — this is a wonderful age, especially when you consider that the average company remains in the index *S&P 500 is only 15 years old. And that Tim cook will have to work hard to Apple long remained afloat.

*S&P 500 — stock index, a basket of which included 500 selected US joint-stock companies having the largest capitalization.

It is difficult to agree with the WSJ. Though, because of the Walkman and Polaroid device with one function, which is updated to the digital age.

iPhone is the phone, high quality camera, music player, digital wallet, GPS, voice recorder, video conferencing device, calculator, video player, social network, multimedia device, an electronic boarding pass, office Suite. With the firmware updates new features on the iPhone, you can add in seconds.

All of this will retain the relevance of the creation of Apple. Modern iPhone with advanced Face ID is not the same iPhone that we showed in 2007. He continues to change to remain relevant. And to call it a useless gadget with one function it is possible unless under torture. Almost all die, but quite often this happens in the indefinite future, and not because Apple did not finished last quarter.

Maybe in 20 years some users will look back and say that the WSJ was right. But for those who live today, that statement is too abstract to have any meaning. There will come a time when the iPhone will really go, but it won’t matter, because Apple will introduce another thing.


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