Owners of Apple devices are switching to iOS 12 faster than a year ago on iOS 11

Judging by informal analytical data portal Mixpanel, the iPhone and iPad go iOS 12 faster than it was in iOS 11, despite the fact that the new version of the operating system was released just over two weeks ago.

According to Mixpanel, today iOS 12 mounted on 47,51%. About 45,63% of the gadgets are running iOS 11, of 6.87% still using iOS 10 or earlier, presumably because these devices can’t be updated.

In the past year, 15 days after the release of iOS 11 was installed by 43.99% of gadgets, and iOS 10% to 48.89%. Fastest distributed operating system is Apple iOS 10 released in 2016. After the release of 46,67% of owners have updated their devices within two weeks.

Apple has not yet announced its official data on iOS 12.

Most likely, a high propagation speed due to the fact that iOS 12 focused on increasing stability and improving performance for older devices.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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