IBM has patented a flexible screen smart watch. They turn into a tablet

IBM has received a patent for a smart watch with a flexible screen that can transform into a smartphone and tablet. The size of the display is 5 by 7.5 cm, the other seven screens are stored under it on the principle of a card deck. The case of the device is divided into four compartments, each of which has two monitors.

When using four monitors, the device will automatically switch to smartphone mode, and when you increase the size to eight, it will switch to tablet mode.

Illustration for an article titled IBM Patents a Smartwatch Awkward Tablet Screen on Your Wrist

From the description of the patent is not clear, the screen will unfold automatically or manually.

IBM was the market leader in smart watches, introducing a device on Linux OS in 2000. The company is focused on obtaining patents. It is unlikely that IBM will release the folding hours and that it is technically possible to implement it soon. But IBM can sell the patented technology.

In 2016, Nintendo showed a prototype of the watch, the second display could be connected in any position.

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