AliExpress: 10 gadgets for a healthy lifestyle

In mid-July, the Russian application FaceApp was the most downloaded in 154 countries, that is, almost in all, where the App Store works. Success has provided an “aging” filter that allows you to see yourself in 30-40 years from now.

Few liked what they saw. If you want to keep well, watch your health. The blessing for this is the mass of available gadgets. They can be bought, for example, on AliExpress.

Smart scales

An indispensable gadget for those who watch their weight – Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. Smart scales connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. show not only weight, but also the percentage of bone, fat and muscle mass, as well as the water content in the body.

Buy for 1725 rubles

ECG Tracker

Convenient heart monitor, which is attached to the chest with a special belt. The purpose of the device is to warn about the risk of heart problems. All data is stored in a special smartphone app.

Buy for 6851 rubles


Koogeek Smart Top Arm is a smart tonometer that sends data on systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Buy for 2867 rubles

Smart watch

Watches Verge 3 from Amazfit, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, makes measurements more accurate than most fitness trackers. In addition to the pedometer and heart rate sensor, this model is equipped with a sleep monitoring function. From one charge the clock will work up to five days.

Buy for 8442 rubles

Contactless thermometer

The digital thermometer Xiaomi Mijia iHealth measures body temperature using an infrared sensor. To get the result, just one second is enough.

Buy for 1409 rubles

Water quality tester

Xiaomi TDS is a portable water quality tester. It is enough to put the gadget in a container with water for a couple of seconds to determine whether it is suitable for drinking.

Buy for 260 rubles

Hearing aid

A device for your elderly relatives. Hearing aid Cofoe ZDB-200 is equipped with a noise reduction system, has four levels of volume. You can charge from the usual USB-charging. The battery lasts for 12-18 hours. Weight – only 5 g.

Attention! Before buying this gadget, consult with the otolaryngologist.

Buy for 1119 rubles

Greentest Nitrate Tester

Greentest Digital Nitrate Tester determines the nitrate content in fruits, vegetables, meat. For a couple of seconds, the gadget will show how many chemicals are contained in a particular product. Especially this device is relevant in the summer.

Buy for 6229 rubles


Mijia Jiuan is an inhaler from the Xiaomi sub-brand, which comes with masks of two sizes (for adults and children) and can work from USB. Judging by the reviews, the device runs silently.

Buy for 1970 rubles

Respiratory mask

The mask from Xiaomi supports four air filtration modes. Ideal for both polluted cities and in case of pollen allergy.

Buy for 705 rubles

The material was prepared in the framework of the partner program AliExpress. Here we have collected the best sports accessories for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets.

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