AliExpress: 10 accessories required for every MacBook owner

Apple still produces some of the best laptops in the world. The main complaint about them is the unfortunate design of the keyboard: the butterfly mechanism often fails. But soon, according to rumors, this will be fixed. As for the rest, you can only find fault with a not very low price, a small number of ports (there is not only a slot for memory cards, but even a standard USB) and a poorly supplied package. There is nothing you can do about the price, and the other two problems are easy to solve by purchasing accessories. For example, on AliExpress.

7v1 hub for macbook pro

Since 2016, Apple has been releasing a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports, which causes certain inconveniences when working with external drives or other peripheral devices. The company sells a branded adapter with three ports (USB-C, USB-A, HDMI) for 6,600 rubles, an adapter
for SD cards – for 3549 rubles.

The Baseus Dual Type-C hub, a 7-in-1 device, will become a more cost-effective solution for the front-end MacBook Pro owner. The hub has ports: 2xUSB-A, HDMI, SD, MicroSD, USB-C Power Delivery, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet. The accessory fits securely into both side ports of the MacBook Pro and practically blends in with the computer case.

Buy for 2548 rubles

Additional Bluetooth keyboard with 34 keys

If you work a lot with calculations or tables, this accessory is for you. An additional keyboard block with 34 keys is made in the style of Apple's Magic Keyboard and comes in two colors: gray and black. The keys use the “scissors” mechanism, which is much harder to break than the “butterfly”.

Buy for 1347 rubles

Silicone Case for Power Adapter

Apple has a problem with glossy accessories: they seem to scratch even the air. This also applies to the AirPods charging case and the MacBook Pro power adapter. The only way to protect the branded power adapter from scratches and scuffs is to purchase a special silicone case. This accessory will save from scratches and your MacBook – if you wear it in one compartment of the backpack with the adapter.

Buy for 223 rubles

High stand

Long work at a laptop is fraught with health problems. To reduce the load on the spine, doctors recommend placing the device on a special stand so that the display is at eye level.

Buy for 2417 rubles

Magnetic Adapter for USB-C

Apple abandoned the MagSafe proprietary charging in the MacBook back in 2016, but the craftsmen from China immediately created a magnetic adapter for USB-C. With it, you can "transform" any USB-C cable to MagSafe. This will not only protect your MacBook from falling, if you touch the cable with your foot, but also saves USB-C ports, which over time even using standard cables and accessories will loosen.

Buy for 1045 rubles

Matte cover slip

A plastic cover for the MacBook will protect the device from scratches and chips or hide existing ones. You can choose a matte and translucent case for any MacBook model in 23 colors.

Buy for 719 rubles

Vertical stand

A vertical stand turns a MacBook connected to an external monitor into a stylish system unit and frees up space on your desktop. The base of the stand is made of aluminum. The kit includes silicone inserts in three sizes for different MacBook models.

Buy for 1672 rubles

Wire Organizer

A small waterproof polyester pencil case for storing or transporting wires and other MacBook accessories. Inside – several compartments and a separate pocket with a zipper.

Buy for 678 rubles

External battery

ZMI Powerbank 2C at 20,000 mAh from a subsidiary of Xiaomi is equipped with two USB-A ports and one USB-C. With it, you can recharge a little MacBook. This model also provides a low power mode for charging fitness trackers, headphones, and other gadgets.

Buy for 3102 rubles

Multifunctional adjustable stand

A small computerized transforming table can be used as a kneeling stand for a MacBook or in any of the seven other positions noted in the instructions. The kit includes a special metal mouse pad that can be detached from the design. The stand itself is equipped with two coolers (they are connected via USB) to cool the laptop.

Buy for 2220 rubles

The material was prepared in the framework of the partner program AliExpress. Here we have collected the best sports accessories for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets.

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