Hidden chips iOS 13, which Apple did not tell at WWDC

June 3 at the annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, Apple introduced new operating systems, the final releases of which will be held in the fall. Immediately after the event, registered developers were able to download the beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS Catalina, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6.

In addition to the main innovations, which were discussed from the stage of the Conference Center. McEneri in San Jose, where WWDC took place, we found some minor changes and hidden features in iOS / iPadOS 13.

Note that this is the first beta version, so some features in the final release may not turn out – as was the case with the FaceTime group calls that were announced with iOS 12.

Command centre

Finally, Apple added the ability to select a Wi-Fi network and a Bluetooth device directly from the control point. From there, you can also activate the dark mode – a long tap on the display brightness indicator.


There are quite a few changes here.

In the Wi-Fi settings, the “Auto Access to Point” item appeared, which allows you to set up automatic connection to a nearby device in modem mode.

In the option "Access Point" appeared the Family Access tab.

The "Optimized battery charging" option offers tips for proper maintenance of the smartphone battery.

When choosing a dark mode, you can darken your own wallpaper – so that they are combined with it.

In the App Store settings, you can disable restrictions for downloading applications over the cellular network.

Each application can set the interface language.

Also appeared tab "Fonts", but it is not yet available.


In iOS 13, a long press on the “Refresh” icon stopped to display the full version of the site. But when you click on a new icon in the address bar on the left, a menu appears with the possibility of increasing and decreasing the font, displaying the desktop version, and settings for accessing the site to the microphone, geolocation and camera.

Also in Safari appeared the download menu – now you can download absolutely any files.

You can also choose how many days the tabs will close: in a day, a week, a month.

Browser iPadOS by default opens the full version of sites.

QR scanner

In iOS 12, the Camera application was opened to read QR codes. In iOS 13, a separate QR scanner appeared in which you can activate the flash.

Face ID

Apple’s vice president Craig Federigi announced at WWDC that iOS 13 unlocking by Face ID accelerated by 30%, but he didn’t tell about additional biometric authentication settings.

In iOS 13, you can configure the Face ID so that the volume of notifications does not depend on whether the user is looking at the display or not. Also, for successful authentication via Face ID, you can enable the tactile signal.

Scan with text recognition

If you scan text in Notes in iOS 13, it will be recognized automatically. Now the function works only with English.


Apple changed the timer in hours – after the countdown starts, a circular indicator of the time remaining appears. A small, but no less pleasant change was the new alarm clock icon in the system tray: in iOS 13, it has legs.


In the "Books" application you can set goals for yourself. For example, read a certain number of books per year. Or spend some time in the app every day.

Screen time

When you reach the time limit to use the application, you can ask the iPhone to add one more minute. Previously, you could add 15 minutes or disable the application limit completely.

Memoji in contacts

In addition to the fact that Memoji is now packaged in a sticker (which can be used in any instant messengers – not only in iMessage), animated characters can be used as avatars of contacts in the phone.

The final release of iOS 13 will be held in September – along with the presentation of the new iPhone. Profile for downloading the public beta version will be released in July.

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