Ford will protect your Pets from the noise of fireworks on new year’s night

Many dogs and other Pets afraid of the noise of fireworks, because of their more sensitive hearing makes “holiday POPs” in a cacophony of sounds. Ford has presented a solution to this problem.

A famous car manufacturer introduced a doghouse, which uses noise reduction to minimize the agony of the dogs during the fireworks. Similar to technology used in some headphones and SUV Ford Edge, a high-tech kennel detects the sound of explosions with built-in microphones and mutes them. Enclosure booth is equipped with sound-proof panels, anti-vibration racks and soundproof ventilation. The automatic door will help your pet “to quickly hide from danger”.

At the moment this is just a prototype, but the company is preparing to launch mass production of “high-tech boxes” in the near future. This gadget will help to keep the ears of dogs, especially in countries where fireworks are an integral part of the holidays.

Of course, this kennel will be in great demand. It only remains to wait for the “miracle boxes” from Ford goes on sale.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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