Oneplus began producing televisions

The Chinese technology company OnePlus, specializing in smartphones, has launched a TV production. A OnePlus remote control with model RC-001A was noted in the Bluetooth SIG registration database.

The document shows that the gadget supports Bluetooth 4.2 protocol and is designated as 1+ Remote Control. Although only in April 2019, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated that he considers TV remotes obsolete. In his opinion, the TV should be controlled with the help of AI.

According to rumors, OnePlus TV will be equipped with a HDR 4K panel with a built-in voice assistant (probably Google Assistant). It is assumed that the device will be a direct competitor to Xiaomi Mi TV.

The possible release of the device was mentioned back in September 2018, the company turned to fans of the brand to find the name of the product.

About the availability in the Russian market is still unknown. Probably, OnePlus TV will be able to interest consumers with the best smart TVs in terms of price and quality, as was the case with smartphones.

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