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AliExpress: 10 accessories required for every MacBook owner

Apple still produces some of the best laptops in the world. The main complaint about them is the unfortunate design of the keyboard: the butterfly mechanism often fails. But soon, according to rumors, this will be fixed. As for the rest, you can only find fault with a not very low price, a small number of ports (there is not only a slot for memory cards, but even a standard USB) and a poorly supplied package. There is nothing you can do about the price, and the other two problems are easy to solve by purchasing accessories. For example, on AliExpress.

7v1 hub for macbook pro

Since 2016, Apple has been releasing a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports, which causes certain inconveniences when working with external drives or other peripheral devices. The company sells a branded adapter with three …


Aperture will not work with future versions of macOS.

Apple announced that its outdated photo editing application Aperture will not work in future versions of operating systems that will be released after macOS Mojave.

In the updated guide, Apple provides users with instructions for migrating Aperture libraries to a new Photo application for Mac or Adobe Lightroom Classic.

As you know, the company stopped developing Aperture in June 2014 and removed the software from the Mac App Store in April 2015 after the release of the Photo application for Mac. However, the application is compatible with macOS Mojave, and some users still continue to work with it.

Some media files created using old formats or codecs will not be compatible with future versions of macOS. In this regard, Apple has shared instructions for converting incompatible formats in applications iMovie, Final Cut Pro X and Motion.


Artificial intelligence creates images of delicious food that doesn’t exist

A team of researchers from tel Aviv University have developed a neural network capable of reading the recipes and create the image that, in its opinion, represents the finished dish.

A team of three developers, a Bar ori e, ori Licht and Netanel Josephian, have created artificial intelligence with the help of a modified version of generative adversarial networks (GAN) called StackGAN V2 and 52 thousand combinations of images/recipes from a giant dataset recipe1M.

In fact, this …


What to expect from Apple in 2019

In 2018 Apple updates most products with the exception of the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, iPad mini, Apple TV and AirPods. Many analysts expect in the new year the company will introduce a number of new products.

In this article we will discuss when Apple will conduct the following activities, and what devices do we expect from the company over the next 12 months.

Calendar of events the Apple

Likely, the company will hold four major events in 2019:

  • March (usually on some of the

3 months with the iPhone XS Max

New Apple’s smartphone went on sale exactly three months ago, and I managed to become one of the first owners of the iPhone XS Max. Share impressions about the device for 90 days of use.

I do not consider myself an adept of Apple, but, today, it is the only company that produces equipment that combines modern technology and stable software. To be as objective as possible in addition to iPhone I also occasionally use the Android-smartphone, but the operating system in General and shell …


Apple shared number of training videos on the features of the Apple Watch

Apple has posted on the YouTube channel several new videos about the features of the Apple Watch. They will learn how to use Apple Music, Walkie-Talkie and so much more.

Each of the six videos last about 30 seconds and describes a specific feature of the Apple Watch.

The first video shows how to configure a dial and expansion of a smart watch by itself.

The next video deals with the function of “Activity”. It teaches Apple how to view ring activity, number of steps walked floors and …


How to replace RAM in Mac mini 2018

Enthusiasts did not wait long after it became known that in 2018 the Mac mini you can replace the RAM. Already there are detailed instructions which describe how to carry out this procedure at home.

The process of reviewing Mac mini is 2018, not much different from the Mac mini 2014. To open the casing and extract the components you will need screwdrivers TR6 Torx, T9 Torx and Pentalobe. The whole process takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Users have to remove the bottom cover, then Unscrew and …


Apple to cut iPhone production XR

Nikkei has published a report which says that Apple has commissioned its suppliers to cut iPhone production XR. The reason is lower demand than expected.

According to Nikkei, Foxconn has prepared about 60 Assembly lines for iPhone XR, but lately, the plant uses about 45 lines. This is due to the fact that Apple said “it is not necessary to produce so many [devices]”. Foxconn will assemble around 100,000 smartphones every day because the demand was 20-25% below forecasts.

Another …


How to remove Apple ID / iCloud from Mac

There are situations when you need to remove your Apple ID from your Mac before selling the computer or you are logged in to your account on another device. We have prepared instructions on how to remove Apple ID from Mac computers.


Delete Apple ID / iCloud from a Mac can lead to unforeseen consequences, including loss of data, synchronized contacts and notes, and may adversely affect running apps purchased via the Apple remote ID. Delete the account only if the need arises. …