How to remove Apple ID / iCloud from Mac

There are situations when you need to remove your Apple ID from your Mac before selling the computer or you are logged in to your account on another device. We have prepared instructions on how to remove Apple ID from Mac computers.


Delete Apple ID / iCloud from a Mac can lead to unforeseen consequences, including loss of data, synchronized contacts and notes, and may adversely affect running apps purchased via the Apple remote ID. Delete the account only if the need arises.

How to remove Apple ID / iCloud from macOS

Before deleting, you can create a backup Mac in case I need to quickly restore the operating system to the point of deleting the Apple ID / iCloud.

  • Open the Apple menu () from the top left corner and select “System settings”.
  • Go to “iCloud”.

  • Click “Exit”.

  • Select check the data you want to save locally on your Mac* after you delete Apple ID account / iCloud.

*If you want to fully remove all of the account details — click “Cancel”.

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