Apple Watch Series 4 continue to save the lives of people with heart problems

Tim cook tweeted the story of another Apple Watch user, whose life was saved thanks to the smart clock.

Since the release of function of ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 it took not much time, but she had not saved one life, discovering a heart problem owners hours.

Recently, the U.S. citizen Elissa Lombardo said that the Apple Watch Series 4 warned her husband about atrial fibrillation, prompting him to seek medical help.

According to Lombardo, her husband used a smart watch, just two days before they warned him about the increased heart rate 150 beats per minute and found atrial fibrillation.

In response to the warning, Apple Watch, Lombardo went to the emergency room, where doctors discovered he had a serious blockage in the arteries. Mr. Lombardo was inserted two stents in his coronary artery.

“The new Apple Watch saved the life of my husband this week! He used only two hours a day, and they diagnosed her with atrial fibrillation and an elevated heart rate. He went to the clinic, where doctors found a serious blockage of arteries and set him up with a two-stent”.

Elissa Lombardo shared the story of her husband with the CEO of Apple last week, and today Tim cook retweeted her post.

“I am glad that your husband is feeling better Elissa. Stories like yours inspire us. Thank you for tell us about it!”

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