6 free ways to try Windows 10

After a month closes the window of opportunity for absolutely free transition to Windows 10. If you are still hesitating, or wavering friends, relatives and friends, here are six ideas on how to get acquainted with Windows 10 (or to acquaint those who need to meet), without assuming any obligations.

1. To go to the nearest electronics store

Almost brilliant in its simplicity the way — to reach the nearest large electronics store, which exhibits the laptops or regular computers. In nine cases out of ten they will be running Windows 10.

Get ready to campaign strategically — decide beforehand on what you want to see first and what features you are most interested.

Plus: will you try Windows 10 absolutely free of charge and with minimal effort (you just need to get to the store, which is likely to be at the Mall, in which you, in turn, was going).

Minus: account there will almost certainly guest and opportunities limited.

2. To see a friend or girlfriend

A variation of the first method is to ask for a visit to someone who has a computer with Windows 10 or just ask for permission to “poke” on his laptop at the University or at work. Students, don’t miss this unique opportunity to entice representatives or members of the opposite sex under the guise of “I want you Windows 10 to show you?”

Plus: you socialservices and try Windows 10 without any risk for your machine and much effort.

Minus: it’s still not your car, therefore are unlikely to try to work with your files and configure something the way I used to.

3. To put Windows 10 for a short time

Many don’t know that Windows 10 has a built-in feature that allows for up to 31 days from the date of installation of Windows 10, go back to the previous version of Windows. Of course, provided that you put it “on top” of Windows 7 or 8, not zero.

When you install Windows 10, select to save all their files and all settings. If you do not like, go to the settings and go back. The path: “Settings > Update & security > Recovery”.

Plus: actually, this is the most complete experience of using Windows 10 on your computer — and still without obligation.

Minus: as it often happens in the IT business, when installing a new OS or recovering an old something can go wrong and “all broken”, with the result that it is necessary to put Windows 7 or 8 again. However, here it is possible to err and to create an image of your current system. In Windows 7 the option is located at “Start > Getting Started > Back up your files > Create a system image”.

4. See the online emulator

On the Microsoft website there is a special emulator, which in fact is rather a set of commercials about Windows 10. Here is the Russian version, but English. He practically teaches nothing, but theoretically, the idea of the possibilities of Windows 10 gives.

Plus: zero point zero effort. Even walking anywhere is not necessary.

Minus: “feel”, in fact, the OS — will come.

5. To install Windows 10 on virtual machine

If you do not want to “clutter up” their current system and the hardware capabilities of the computer allow Windows 10 you can always put on “dev”. There are two easy ways to launch the “top ten” on the Mac that do not require a computer restart. The most convenient seems to download of Parallels Desktop for OS X. the app is a paid App but a free trial period. This is the best option considering the features offered and ease of use.

If you don’t need so many features that Parallels offers, to work with Windows 10 it is possible to do a free utility called VirtualBox. Read more about it here.

Plus: your computer, your virtual machine, your Windows 10.

Minus: slow (depends on the power of the computer), lack of access to all functions.

6. Download Windows 10 together with the current OS (Boot Camp)

To install Windows 10 on the Mac, it is possible not only with virtual machines, but system and application Boot Camp. In this case, the operating system will operate without performance degradation, which is characteristic of virtual machines. The installation process is simple and safe for the data on the computer. When complete, the user can run the computer on OS X or Windows 10.

Booting from your choice of operating system is good because you have on your “iron” will your own Windows 10, but you can always come back in a more familiar environment. All you need for this “miracle”, is to install Windows 10 on a separate partition on the hard drive — the OS will make sure that the Boot Camp worked like clockwork. Installation instructions available here.

Plus: what could be better than two OS on one machine.

Minus: a lot of people basically do not like when a car more than one operating system.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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