Tim cook called for greater security of personal data of users making purchases in online stores

Tim cook expressed his concerns about security of users ‘ personal data. As the head of Apple in an interview in Time Magazine under threat are largely those users who often make purchases in online stores.

Tim cook spoke with Time Magazine journalists. The main theme of the interviews was the safety of personal user data. Apple CEO once again expressed interest in this problem, and also urged IT companies to make efforts to protect personal information.

In cook’s opinion, in recent years there has been a trend to create a “shadow economy” — the phenomenon in which wldely online stores sell contact information about their customers to third parties. This, as noted by the head of Apple, engaged in so-called data-brokers.

“The main threat today is the invisibility of the crimes. Suppose you made a purchase in the online store. So, the sellers don’t inform you that your data could be transferred or sold to data brokers. They represent small companies that collect personal information about each user, and then resell it to other services. It is not regulated neither by the laws nor by the consumers. This is the shadow economy,” said Tim cook.

Cook also called on the authorities and the big players of the IT market to join discussion of this problem and to create optimal solutions.

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