How to password protect any app on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

Accessibility features of iOS are often useful for all users. In iOS 12 the function of “Screen time”, which not only monitors the use of the device, but also allows you to set a password on the app.

In App Store there are apps that offer password protection, requiring a code every time when you open the program. However, this opportunity supports a few applications. As a rule, popular social networks, text editors and image editors can’t be locked with a password. Namely, in these applications, stored a lot of confidential data.

iOS 12 does not have a built-in function of password setting. However, the system is a function of “Screen time”, which allows you to set a limit on any app.

How to set password on any application on the iPhone or iPad

  • Turn on “Screen time”, if it is turned off. To do this, go to “Settings” ā†’ “Screen time”.
  • Click the “Use passcode” and set the password.
  • Touch the graph that shows the usage statistics of the applications on the device.
  • Select the desired application from the list.
  • At the very bottom will be a button “Add limit”. Click it, set the time for 1 minute and activate the switch next to “Block at the end of the list.”
  • That’s all. After a minute of using the app, it will be locked. To unlock it, press button “Ignore limit” and enter the password.

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