Apple has launched a new web site to convince Android users to switch to iPhone

Apple has launched a new web site designed to convince owners of Android smartphones to switch to iPhone. The company urges users to abandon the “guglofonov” with short slogans. The main company’s slogan: “Life is easier with the iPhone”.

On the website posted answers to 10 questions that may be of interest to potential switchers.

Just go to iPhone?

Yeah, it’s just. There is no need to save your data to third-party resources. Simply download the app Move to iOS from the Google Play Store, and your information will be securely transferred to the iPhone. The app helps you to transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar, accounts in mail services, message history and free programs, including Google apps. You can also sell your old smartphone for trade-in program.

Whether the camera is so good?

Most of the photos in the world is it on the iPhone. Apple produces hardware and software, so you can create awesome pictures and videos in slow motion mode, portrait mode, Time-Lapse etc. For iPhone there is also a function of Memories that automatically creates short videos from your photos.

Why iPhone so fast?

iPhone is working on its own processor Apple is currently the most productive in the industry. Since the Apple’s energy-efficient, long iPhone works offline. Add to that the latest updates iOS with new features and you will understand why iPhone is so fast and smooth.

If the iPhone simple to use?

Ease of use is the basis of everything that creates Apple and iOS was designed as a simple and intuitive system. One swipe or by touching the screen you can open apps, make purchases with Apple Pay or personalize your iPhone. In addition, the device pre-installed educational application “Tips”.

As iPhone protect my personal information?

Confidentiality is a top priority for Apple. Unlike other devices, the iPhone immediately encrypts all of your data and protects them with a password. Proprietary applications, for example, Maps or Safari keeps secret all the places or websites you visit. Apple never and under any pretext will not give user data. Moreover, the company regularly releases software updates that help protect your device and data on it.

Why Messaging is such a wonderful?

The Messaging is simple and functional. It does not just convey your message but also allows you to order a taxi, book a table at the restaurant and even shoot a laser. Every sent message is protected using end-to-end encryption. Of course, you can use other messengers like WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Is it possible to get help from a real person?

Regardless of your location, Apple has experts who are willing to help you. Want to learn about how to switch to iPhone or software on your new iPhone team Apple support will help in any question. Just call the expert, start a conversation on the Internet or visit an Apple store.

Is it possible to switch to iPhone directly from the Apple store?

Of course. All Apple has is very friendly, very knowledgeable and happy to help. They can activate your iPhone for any carrier and transfer your data to your new device. You can visit the session “How To” that are included in the program Today at Apple.

What about the environment?

Apple cares about the environment. Each message sent in iMessage, in FaceTime every call or question Siri pass through Apple servers are powered by renewable energy sources. Besides, if you go to the iPhone, the company recycles your old Android smartphone.

If I like an iPhone?

iPhone has the highest satisfaction rate among users is 97% of owners are happy with the smartphone. That’s a lot of smiling selfies. Lots of happy emojis. And a lot of people who are glad to have chosen the most popular smartphone in the world.

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