“Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell believes that Apple must tackle the problem of dependency on the iPhone

A former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, known as the “father of the iPod”, told Wired that Apple should follow the dependence on the iPhone, and compared the use of the gadget with the principles of proper nutrition.

“When it comes to digital “food”, we don’t know what “vegetables”, “proteins” or “fats”. What is “excessive” and “insufficient” weight. Looks like a healthy and reasonable life. I think that manufacturers and application developers must take responsibility before government regulators intervene, as happened with the labeling of food.

I believe that in order to maintain and expand the customer base Apple need to solve problems depending on the level of the platform, giving users the opportunity to learn more about how they use their gadgets. To do this, we need to allow people to track their digital activity in detail and on all devices,” says Fadell.

Tony Fadell wants to allow users to set goals for a healthy use of the devices, and to choose ways to limit activity.

For example, Apple could add modes “listen-only” or “read-only” without having to go into the settings menu. That man could read the e-book without being distracted by notifications.

Earlier in 2018 Tim cook already stated that Apple is working on this problem. In the autumn the iOS update will be submitted to the parental control, as well as the revised section “Health”, so that users can analyze the use of gadgets.

For control with smartphones there are also applications. Some of them are free to download in the App Store.

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