How to play good sound from your Mac27 review

We often write on mail readers who want to share with the editors interesting discovery. Most of these are known facts, but sometimes it is useful to refresh your memory — especially if the topic was not raised for several years. One trick shared with us the reader Fedchenko Stanislav.

Many do not know, but all models of Apple computers produced since 2006 have a combo Jack and Jack miniToslink, which means that your Mac can output multichannel audio in good quality.

In other words, standard audio Jack supports SPDFI on optics. Even if you have a MacBook Pro 2010, you can connect the audio cable optic Toslink (with miniToslink adapter) and listen to music in high quality.

Beginners, as a rule, this fact is unknown although what to say in our editorial’t know everything about him. So feel free to use your Mac as a cool sound source.

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