New iOS 12, on which the Apple was silent on the presentation

WWDC time frame often does not allow Apple to talk about all new operating systems, so the company focuses only on the most important. But this does not mean that smaller changes are uninteresting.

Tabs in Safari

Now for your iPhone X in a horizontal position displays the entire list of tabs, like on the iPad. To switch to another tab, no need to open a list of all used web pages and flipping to the right.

Full support for third party password managers

Fans of 1Password and Dashlane will no longer have to wait until third-party developers will implement support for these utilities. Apple will embed them directly into the keyboard, and will automatically gather information about the passwords of these programs.

A warning about the presence of the same passwords

In a standard password Manager, too, there were innovations. Now, if the same password is used on different sites, then iOS marks them with an exclamation point and offers change.

Express animation

Apple talked about performance in General, but noted that cut a lot of animations. For example, in the Reachability application from the desktop opens instantly, not delayed. The same is true animation unlock using Face ID. It lasts not as long as in iOS 11.

Auto-update system

In the iOS settings the function of automatic firmware updates. If enabled, the device no questions asked will be to install the latest version of the system. You can disable it.

New requirements for the description of the updates

The rules of App Store has a new item – descriptions for application updates should be meaningful and clearly convey the essence of the updates. Same message in the style of VSCO and Instagram is now banned.

Search for tracks in the Apple Music according to of them

Now heard somewhere the song can be found, not even knowing its name, simply by typing the remembered words directly in the search field Apple Music. While works, but Apple will probably modify the function to release the system.

Reflection in AR-objects

Virtual objects can acquire the properties of the mirror. That is a glossy car created using ARKit may look more realistic, so as to reflect user and the world.

Animoji record up to 30 seconds

Before the rollers lasted more than 10 seconds. Now you can record as much as a half minute video with animated smileys.

Support of RAW photos in the embedded gallery

Photos taken in DNG format, can be viewed in standard gallery with no loss of quality. And the iPad Pro, they can be edited using all the advantages of RAW.

New languages in translator

Siri learned 50 new languages and can translate from one to the other. Russian is also supported.

Live Listen in AirPods

Apple branded headphones will be able to replace a lot of people a hearing aid. The gadget will use the built-in MICS to capture some sounds around and provide them to the user. It is also useful to have a conversation in a loud crowded place. AirPods will cut off all unnecessary noises and voice them to the owner, only the interlocutor’s speech.

End of support for OpenGL

All developers will have to support the Metal, which may adversely affect the number of games that appear in the App Store.

If you managed to find some interesting changes in iOS 12, you’ll share them in the comments.

Previously we wrote how to install the first beta version of the system and start testing with other pioneers.

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