Startup Ilona Mask Neuralink introduced a robot to install chips in the brain

The other day, the first entry in the Twitter account of startup Ilona Mask Neuralink appeared with the announcement of the conference. It took place on July 16, 2019, the company presented the result of two years of work – "neuron", reading information from the brain, and a robot for their safe implantation. Technology should help paralyzed people use computers and phones.

The thickness of the "threads" from 4 to 6 microns, less than a human hair, they are faster than existing analogues read data from the brain and transmit them to the sensor, which is installed on the skull. They will be implanted by a neurosurgical robot capable of installing six "threads" per minute. The principle of its operation resembles a sewing machine: the needle grabs the thread by the loop and inserts it into the brain. The robot avoids blood vessels, which reduces inflammation and accelerates healing.

Information from the chip can still be transferred via USB-C. In the future, scientists plan to make a wireless broadcast. The device with the battery will be located behind the ear, and you can manage it from your smartphone. To reduce the size of the hole in the skull will use a laser.

While the company conducted experiments only on laboratory rats. The first experiments on humans with the help of neurosurgeons from Stanford are planned for the second quarter of 2020.

The startup Neuralink was founded by Ilon Mask in 2017. The entrepreneur is known for his skepticism about artificial intelligence and suggests that the only way to manage it is symbiosis. However, he began his presentation at the conference with the medical use of inventions.

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