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Lenovo smartphones will return to the Russian market (updated)

Mobilidi (part of the RDC Group holding), the distributor of Chinese brands Xiaomi and Hisense, has signed an exclusive distribution contract with Lenovo, Kommersant reports.

Smartphones will be sold in the online store Lenovo.Store, Hitbuy retail network and networks of federal retailers, for example, “Svyaznoy — Euroset” and “M.Video-Eldorado”.

Lenovo will introduce smartphones in Russia worth 6-14 thousand rubles. Retailers hope that in two years the company will take up to 5% of the niche in the budget price segment, which is now actively growing. However, Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin doubts that Lenovo will be able to successfully compete with Samsung, Honor and Xiaomi in terms of price-quality.

Lenovo occupied 7% of the Russian market in units until the beginning of 2017, when the company focused on promoting the Motorola brand. For the year, the figure fell to …


Huawei's Hongmeng OS won't be released on smartphones

Huawei vice president Katherine Chen said that the company's own operating system, codenamed Hongmeng, will not compete with Android.

Chen argues that Hongmeng was never intended to replace Android. Ostensibly it was originally developed for another. For example, for Internet of Things devices.

At the same time, the screenshots of smartphone screens installed by Hongmeng flowed to the Network.

She also said that Hongmeng contains several hundred thousand lines of code, and not tens of millions, as in other mobile operating systems.

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Galaxy S10 owners can not unlock their smartphones after the update

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus flagships in the United States faced the problem of device locking after the July update. According to them, smartphones that did not previously have passwords were blocked.

“I updated my phone to the latest software version,” said one of the owners of the S10 on the Samsung support site, “after a reboot, he demanded an access code for the device, although I never set a password on my phone.”

As a solution, Samsung offers the only solution – reset to factory settings with the loss of all data. The problem has affected some devices in the US, purchased from the operators of AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The system was also not revoked by telecom operators.

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Large-screen smartphones occupy half of the Russian market

The United Company Svyaznoy Euroset spoke about the growing interest of Russian users to phablets in the first half of 2019: the proportion of devices with a screen diagonal of more than 5.6 inches from January to June was 45%. For the same period last year, the share of phablets was equal to 12%.

In total, in the first half of the year, according to the retailer, 7.6 million phablets were sold for a total of 156 billion rubles. The average cost of a smartphone with a large display for the year decreased by 30% – up to 20,375 rubles. Since the beginning of the year, 17 million smartphones worth over 216 billion rubles have been sold in Russia.

Samsung is leading in the phablet market in Russia, its share is 36%. The second place is taken by the Huawei …