Tim cook hinted at Apple support the Pencil in the iPhone 7

Digital pen Apple Pencil was designed specifically for the iPad Pro and only works with a 7.9 – 12.9-inch tablets on iOS. As it became known, with the release of new generation iPhone, support Apple-branded stylus will have smartphones.

Journalist John Gruber of Daring Firevall drew attention to a recent interview Tim cook, the TV channel NDTV. To the question about Apple Pencil and a stylus, the founder of Apple Steve jobs, the CEO said that his company has released a pencil, not a pen”. And this, according to him a big difference.

“I think Steve would like it very much,” said Tim cook. – If you’ve ever seen that you can create with a stylus on your iPad or iPhone, you would understand how much he’s great”.

Thus, the founder of Apple has hinted at the possibility of working with Pencil on the Apple iPhone. According to Gruber, to support pen iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will receive displays with low-latency and the ability to read the position of the pen 240 times per second. Smartphone have to exactly recognize the moments when to control using Apple Pencil or the tip of your finger. These technologies aren’t implemented in the iPhone 6s or the iPad Air 2.

Apple Pencil opens up opportunities to work with the iPhone 7. With it you can create sketches, technical drawings, to paint portraits in watercolor. The pen allows you to run programs, click on links, scroll and navigate through the operating system. It works in all applications, including those not adapted to the use of the stylus. In addition, the operating system detects a long press, so you can remove the app or open the links in new tabs.

Note that using Apple Pencil impossible to swipe from the top or bottom of the screen iOS. To access the relevant sections of the system is necessary to use a finger. If you put plain paper to print on top of the screen of the gadget, the display detects the movement of the pen. Depending on the thickness of the sheet you can change the brightness level for viewing of the received picture. The screen also does not respond to the touch of the hand through the sheet.

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