Unhide the Library folder in macOS Sierra

The latest version of the Mac operating system, including macOS Sierra, by default, does not show the folder “Libraries” in the user’s home directory. This is done for the good of themselves “MacOS users” ā€“ to protect them from accidental deletion or modification of system files, Because the folder “Libraries” are the important data: settings apps, system data, cache, and other files necessary for operation of the programs.

Recently macOS users can easily display the Libraries folder in your home directory without using Terminal or other complicated methods. In this tutorial below we will tell how to show the Libraries folder in a few clicks.

How to make visible the Library folder in macOS Sierra

Step 1: Open Finder and click on Navigation ā€“> go to folder. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+H.

Step 2: Write in the address bar, the library folder ~/Library.

Step 3: In Finder opens the hidden folder “Library”. If access to this directory you do not need often, but only from case to case ā€“ this option is for you.

In order that each time not to repeat this sequence of actions, you can add “Library” in the sidebar. To do this, drag the folder icon from the top row of the window in the side panel.

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Clifton Nichols

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